You’re Faster Than You Think

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In mintea lui Alex says:

I'll try today…and i will edit this comment tonight …to see how it was…i'm excited!

ا.د. ايمن عايش says:

I forgot my name Ayman from jordan

ا.د. ايمن عايش says:

Joe I like your vedios, I like much your simplicity on mix, could you answer me this question plz, why I could not insert styles rmx as vst in  protools even I try to convert via trasvst

Andrew Goodwin | Composer says:

Paraphrasing but “Farmers begin every year with a vision of perfection, but invariably it ends with accepting the best that could be done.” Wendell Berry

Luis Andres says:

I have to try it! I give myself too much time to only finish one song, I can do better than that, let's do this!

royglennie says:

That run at the beginning! hahaha

zelbarnap says:

i have to ask, what is the tattoo?

DrM Studio says:

Encouraged by this…I traditionally go after every song like it HAS to be the biggest hit ever, and then I don’t even get started. “I am changing man” (actually a new tune) in that to capture the inspiration becomes the most important…the save feature is how I can go back and make the hit.

goodairsky says:

Am C G Am

How does the future

turn in to past

going around us

we let it pass

Isaac Pizarro says:

Fun fact: GNR Chinese democracy album – made between 1997-2007 (10yrs) not everybody likes it. Use your illusions albums- (2 albums) made between 1990-1991 (1yr) everybody loves it.

Hannes Simon says:

I recorded mix and master 3 Songs in 2 days it was hard

Your RV Freedom says:

Well I have definitely mixed my way up to the pinnacle of a song, only to ride right over the crest and down the other dang side. And not saved often enough cause I was "on a roll". (Yay autosave). I have also missed stuff going to fast. But to your point some of the initial rough mixes wind up sounding pretty sweet. The takeaway..if it ain't broke dont fix it.

Bruce Dickert says:

Hi Joe, I'm the guy that some months ago said, "unless you have a line of clients waiting for you, that I do not see the point of being able to mix a song in 2 hrs". I also said that it is impossible for me to mix a song in 2 or 3 hours. Well, I've been a DM member now for probably 8 or 9 months now, and I'm here to tell you that it is not impossible, and now I can mix relatively quickly. That is what DM has done for me (among other things). So, a great big THANK YOU! 20 years ago when I was in this business, I had a client who spent 10 years recording and editing about a 10 song album. Not a lie…10 years, and it remains incomplete. Once she saw the capabilities of our studio (and of us) she became the most anal and detail oriented person that I ever met. I was literally doing vocal comps of 70 to 80 tracks on each song. I know…CRAZY…right, (she was paying me by the hour, but I still tried to tell her that we cannot work this way)((80/20 rule…right)). My point is, is that you and DM has been invaluable for me in improving my craft. Now, some accidents and medical issues have rendered my hands not as useful as they used to be (bass player here), so I don't think I can do your 10 day challenge cause I can't really play anymore. But I can mix! So, I really just want to thank you (and Graham) from the bottom of my heart, I would give you a hug if I could, for in part, enabling me to continue this dream!

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