YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS | How To Loop In Pro Tools

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From Loop Playback to Loop Recording, there are a million reasons to create a loop in your session. Lets check out how to enable and use loops in Pro Tools.

“If it sounds good, it is good.”
-Wavy Wayne

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Wayne.wav says:

Join The Army of Producers and Engineers. Join the Wavy Seals

MixedByScience says:

I always felt that Pro Tools should automatically create a playlist with the takes recorded via loop record. Great vid bro!

Marko Matic says:

sorry if u dont understand. English not my first language but I want to learn recording process in pro tools. How do i record an artist who takes many takes while recording? Like How do I keep creating new tracks real fast? Also how can i quickly zoom in on certain parts of vocals and delete/silance them quick such as breathing ect

DAP says:

Bruh you make this S%#t fun. Blessings bro!

FactOne says:

Thanks Wayne! You should make a "Best Plugins" video, because i try to look around and i really have no idea whats good, for the price im paying. Another good video, i know you made one on reverb, but could you do a indepth Delay? i see 1/8 1/4 etc, and i think i should have that, but i have no idea what to do. You make amazing videos, and you keep it entertaining enough i can sit through a 20 min session! Keep it up!!


Yo wavy thanks for the value you bring for us young aspiring engineers. What would you advice Young niggas who are about to start school for audio engineer wing?


I have all hopes from yu bro that you are not like other engineers who are out there on youtube with these mixing and mastering tutorials but not telling the real secrets…but i hope that some day you will tell us how workflow happens its not about daw bro its not about mixing and mastering its about how you do a complete project professionally at home or studio from the very first recording music and vocals from the source till the end of mixing and mastering…

GHoZT says:

My nucca denzel voice


Plz upload on mixing and mastering secrets bro no protools video plz

Jack Meginniss says:

Thanks for doing these video tutorials and tips on using Pro Tools. They have been very helpful. I have two different audio interfaces hooked to my computer. If I save a project using one of the interfaces and then configure Pro Tools to use the other audio interface in a different project, shouldn’t the first audio interface assignments be loaded when I reload the project that I assigned it to? Thanks again

Chambers says:

If you can make it through a wavy intro without laughing….idk if you’re human

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