You Need to Know This Basic Music Theory : Pitches, Rhythm, and Keys

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In today’s lesson, I will give you basic music theory you need for learning piano. I will introduce you to the basic concepts of pitches, rhythm, and key signatures. You need to know all of these if you want to learn how to play piano.

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Zekiye Zeynep Sahin says:

Dear Tim, stay home, stay safe. Thanks a lot. I realized that I am not confused anymore in respect to the music theory… Thank to your brief explanations… Encouraged by you, I have put a lot of effort to understand the scales. Nowadays I am working on diatonic scales.

The Black Pirate says:

You're One of the best music teachers in YouTube.

You helped me a lot sir.

Ivanka Bak says:

I started with learning how to play the piano today and your videos are super helpful!! A massive thank you!!

Ykc 4 says:

Pretty early today

L Larkin says:

Thank you so much for posting. During these times since not working, I want to focus on my piano playing. Stay safe!

Arturo Valerio Vera says:

This is very easy to understand. You just taught me what I've been trying to learn for so long. Thanks!

Rippleytrigger says:

Great! Can you make a video about the circle of fifths progressions? That would be awesome!

James says:

amazing content keep up the good content

Sreyas MJ says:

Helpful, Keep making videos

Gnopa Rimaj says:

you deserve more subs.

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