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Starting a music career is one thing. Learning how to do music full time is another. They’re not the same yet we tend to lump them into one group as we develop our skills and music marketing knowledge. Having great music helps, but good beats great when good is willing to do what great thinks is below them. It was time for me to break down some of the weakest links that I see time and time again so that you can avoid throwing your chances of success down the drain. This might be a little offensive, but if I hurt your feelings with this one then you might want to rethink doing music as a career.

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AdamIvy says:

When is the last time you truly felt you were giving it your all when it came to music? Let me know as a reply to this comment.

xq6r says:

Thank you Adam!
And good luck everyone.

original ghost says:

You're preaching to the choir on this one; It's time to turn up the volume and do more. thank you man.

Black Suanni says:

Last year, I performed at a local venue for the first time. It was only a few people there who were mostly there to support their friends/performers and it was kinda nerve-wrecking but the only way out was the way through. I told myself "If i can't perform in front of like 10 or so people, how can I do this in front of several thousand/hundred?". Also, from time to time, I wonder if I might be too old to be doing music and such (Currently 27) but, I also tell myself that you're only too old when you're too late. I'd rather try and see where it could go than to not try and forever wonder. I'm nowhere near where I want to be, musically, but, i'm farther than where I thought I would have been years ago. I sometimes have my high lowered due to not having authentic feedback on my work from my friends but, I then try to shake it out of my head and just do it for me and eventually those who can understand why and what type of music it is that I do.

Rocco Luca Campanella says:

Great man, love you!

Igota Hairyasshole says:

If you wanna make it far in music then practise your rimming and blow job skills..

Raymond Kold says:

I love how everytime Adam says something I instantly relate to it hahaha

good gasoline says:

embrace the succ

BennyFewl says:

Honestly it’s all about time and patience. As a producer there comes a point when you’re in silence and no ones watching. That’s when you have to hold yourself accountable and really earn it by finding inspiration in anything.

Adam Purski says:

I lack consistency, not staying on schedule. Usually because the content I make isn’t up to par or even worse, I get lazy and procrastinate. I hate it, yet I do it. Need to get out of it and start putting in work.

Love the videos, Adam. From one Adam to the other, keep ‘em coming!

Simon Vegas says:

Embrace the suck. Truth!

Agustín Rincón Méndez says:

Adam thank you for your videos. 1) How can I hashtag more effectively? 2) Do you have stock questions for the 12 comments per day commitment? 3) After people start responding to your comments how far do you go with it? as far as asking for paid services?, visibility ? Much love for your content, please keep going.

Taye Saliu says:

Thank you for this.

marshall austin says:

a couple months ago when i was planning every single day towards the monthly goal of learning to perform. ive only slowed down because i compared the ROI of playing covers at open mics to the ROI of building a home studio and pumping out content. by the way adam, how do you best focus your energy and output admist all the possible different projects you can get caught up in?

Kielo says:

Great video man. I’ve definitely applied all your pointers to how I do things

Jidah Dana says:

Adam you're so good. Your teachings can be applied to every other part of life. Thank you so much.

Jumpsuit Kinetic says:

I upload about 3 songs to Soundcloud a week. I haven't made a music video yet because I feel I'm not good enough, but I decided ill release some soon

Sin Bad Music says:

U always make me wanna stand up and work lol

Andrew Southworth says:

"Embrace the suck" – Adam Ivy 2019

Dussié says:

Hey guys if anyone needs plugins hmu on ig @youngdussie

Rufio MFZB says:

I feel I don't have consistency cos I feel the content I make isn't good, everything I post on insta is liked by people just wanting to promote themselves, only liking my stuff so I check out theirs. I made tons of music over the years, never promoted any of it, only after discovering you did I realise the importance

Colin Push says:

I've counted since 2009, and I have 113 songs completely written. My inspiration is heavily on everything classic rock but with modern sensibilities, not trying to copy anybody but I have a bunch of songs in many different varieties of styles but my issue is trying to find the right guys to perform them with me and help me out with any of them. I first started actively looking for a band of my own in 2012, I got kinda close in 2014 but the local music landscape where I'm at is all metal and pop-punk-type stuff, not really my bag, people generally pigeonholing themselves in such a niche market, and that ended very quickly due to what I felt to be very minor creative differences but they felt otherwise (it was either their way or no way at all) so I waited around and reluctantly joined a band in the summer of 2016 as just the bass player, just to see what it's like to be in a band before I try diving headfirst into trying to form one of my own (I'm mainly a bass player and dabble in singing, was in my HS chorus for 3 years, and I play a bit of everything else except drums). The band I was in got respectable acclaim locally but I wasn't a fan of the music we played too much, a lot of ego going on (I yet again had no creative input at all, felt very stifled), so I left just this past December. It did get me recognition (I was often singled out after gigs saying I'm too good for them or I'm the best one in the band, often by the older audience members or higher-ups like bar managers, booking people, etc.) and people have told me whenever I play them any of my originals they really like them and go for it, but every single musician I've come across doesn't seem to really be into it. I'm open to collaboration and any type of opinions that come my way and I'm attentive to what others say in terms of their stuff, but it doesn't seem I get the same back. I feel I'm more than just a bass player, but it seems that's all they see me as. I've been working heavily this summer on finally getting some stuff recorded and uploaded to Bandcamp and Soundcloud or something, just to finally throw at least some of my shit out there to show people what I'm capable of. I have like 20 of those 113 I've been refining with a few friends and am planning to record a handful of songs with different musicians for each just to get a feel of what they have to offer for me. I would've done it sooner but college has been a huge issue with this all too, but that's a different story (basically stuck with a major I don't like not music-related, family forced me into it, I'm 21 and am still under grasp of the family, still can't drive, hard time finding a job, etc.). I'd like to record and release shit as often as humanly possible because that's how I feel the older artists like Beatles, Stones, Bowie, Zeppelin, Queen, etc. gained a lot of recognition, they had variety to their sound that appealed to a wider variety of people and they had a lot out there within a relatively short amount of time for people to fall back on (in their peaks) and give an even better chance that someone will like at least something of theirs. I adore Elton John, and he had like 2 or 3 albums out a year, and Frank Zappa had like 4 or more lol. I wish I was around back then but i'm realistic lol. I know the world's different and people tend to do the same shit over and over again and pigeonhole themselves in such a niche market and they wonder why they don't gain traction. I'm giving it my all despite my monetary shortcomings and everything else. Apologies for the long comment and rambling lol, just discovered your vids a couple weeks ago and they always give me a confidence boost. Love your stuff. Keep it up man 😉 Thanks.

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