Yamaha HS Studio Monitor Overview & Artist Interviews

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Yamaha’s HS Studio Monitors have earned a solid reputation as one of the most honest, yet affordable monitors in their class. In this unique movie we see Yam…


hellonearth1066 says:

There is little to no bass response on the 50s so you kind of do need a sub (check my channel). But the sub is more than the 80s themselves I think, so you’re better off just getting the 80s if you want more low response. I already have a shit 2.1 system sub and some reference headphones I can a/b the bass on.

Petek Sigaev says:

did you buy a subwoofer or it is enough bass in the 50s? I’ve heard there is no bass at all and you NEED a sub, what can you say?)

DeaMon134 says:

i’m planning to buy the Yamaha HS50M / can i use them as standard speakers for the PC ? ( my Zoom G7.1ut is connected to the PC via USB and Line In ) , does it take good bass sounds ( for the palm mutes ), or simple question, it worth it ?

hellonearth1066 says:

Holy shit balls. The 80s are HUGE compared to the 50s. I’ve got some 50s and I never realised how much bigger the 80s were…

Khuram Khan says:

one of the leading best and a top notch monitors and a cost effective as well.A proud honor of HS80 M

Viesturs Knopkens says:

HS80M working great for me! 🙂

drmidi2007 says:

I love my Yamaha HS50’s and HS10 sub. I first heard them while playing a digital piano through them. The sound was superb and I decided to use these for my home mixing studio along with the Yamaha MG82CX 8-channel mixer. In this setup, there is plenty of power and soundwave accuracy.
Mark Prigoff, Digital Jazz Productions
Huntington, NY USA

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