Why Music Theory Doesn’t Come up Much in My Reviews

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Is diving deeply into the theory behind a piece of music vital to reviewing it? Here’s my take.

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Cole Birmingham says:

Pac Man? u know what PAC stands for? Program and Control. He’s a program and control man the whole things a metaphor. He thinks hes got free will but really he’s trapped in a maze, in a system, all he can do is consume

Osvaldo Gonzalez says:

Is this the adam neely/ anthony fantano vid i have been waiting for?

….. Nope

Livar G says:

I think where he makes the mistake is separating theory and emotion, like they’re somehow not connected. Exactly what “unnecessary chords” are I have no idea, and tbh it sounds like a guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about talking.

AdraTheMetalOutlaw says:

I personally dig your reviews and talks on bands you review. And I respect your expertise and opinions on jams. I admit I pretty much stick to the metal ones. Especially bands I have not heard yet. Nails is a good example, never heard them or of them until I saw your review of Unsilent Death. Now Todd and the fellas of Nails are one of my fave bands.

Question Marc says:

Music is emotional, and very subjectif (to me)aha.. but like life it self, people enjoy different aspect of the duality at different time, everyone have a different approach to it and thats why its interesting.. cool video fantano, keep them up

Crunkers says:

I dont know anything about music theory but I love music. Thats part of why I enjoy these videos, they speak to me on my level.

Michael McLane says:

Review Metropolis pt. 2 by Dream Theater

Thomas Caliveri says:

He doesn't get into music theory because he couldn't tell us the difference between an A chord and a butt-plug. I've sent hundreds of emails to this douche in hopes getting my quartet on the show intro and he's done nothing but ignore my twitter posts #LOSER

Ken Ken says:

Lol there's no proper music theory in trap music!

glenn solberg says:

not often i see a commie

StormKidification says:

what an interesting as video mr melon the fuck was all this information poured onto my brain? Good job.

Uncertainty Lich says:

I think it's actually a music critic's job to describe the effect a piece of music has without needing to go into specifics like theory. Just like a good film critic doesn't need to give a play-by-play of the plot, a music critic shouldn't have to say exactly what is happening in the music, because they should be going deeper to describe what the music says and how it feels. I could review a track by saying stuff like "Radiohead's use of chromatic mediants creates a rich and dynamic harmonic palette," but that's just an analysis–not a critical appraisal.

Dylan H. says:

You and Adam Neely should really have a discussion someday. Both of you have shouted the other out before and I think there’d be some interesting insights

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