Why I'm STILL Using Pro Tools In 2020

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Why on earth am I STILL using such an (arguably) overpriced and dated piece of software?

Especially considering the plethora of amazing DAWs available on the market these days? ….Many of which are more powerful and much more affordable!

Most would assume that the smart thing to do would be to ditch Pro Tools and purchase a hipper, faster, cheaper and feature-rich DAW.

In this video I give my reasoning behind why I’m sticking with my dusty old Pro Tools software.

Not only do I explain why I’m sticking with Pro Tools…I tell you why you should be sticking with whatever DAW you’re currently using at this very moment in time.

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FR0ZEN says:

Studio One for me is a daw that does everything exceptionally great 🙂 Whether it is production or mixing

Matt Medeiros says:

Best part was when Leroy said, "Putting dom cybars in dom edit group in dom edit group in dom edit group can be mad sweet when trying to nudge out any clownishness. Learn the flow of your chosen DAW and you're Gordon."

YetiGarbh says:

Well said! All are valid points, especially editing and playlists. I'm just going to disagree about routing, it's the main reason I don't want to use PT. Having to solo safe your busses and the absence of folders, it made soloing stuff a pain (version 12).

Marcos Cerutti says:

I've started on Logic, and after Pro Tools, I can't understand how I manage it on Logic back on my early days

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