What's The Difference Between DAW's (Digital Audio Workstations) ~ Pro Tools // Logic // FL Studio

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Von says:

You know what so badly newova I wanted this to be false and my god its so fucking true I'm use to using logic pro to mix vocals in and i recently converted to Windows I'm using fl studio and geez recording and mixing in fl is literally so annoying they can't even touch automate not only that creating a send fx channel in fl is ass backwards I just can't get use to it man lol


now my music teacher can fuck off. he kept saying that fl studio sucks and its only for nerds. thanks bruv.

ChrisJustAGuy From330 says:

This actually makes since

Thats My 4Tay says:

Most people like the "one size" fits all approach. It's simpler to get from point A to Z. Most people dread the idea of making a beat in FL now I gotta bounce the stems so I can mix it in Pro Tools. However it's that process which will give you the better results at the end of the day. I struggled for years trying to convince myself that the "one size" fits all approach was the more productive way. All that left me with was the idea I know I could have gotten a better mix if I would have stemmed it out and mixed it in PT.

To me

Rathernot Disclose says:

What would you recommend for making game and film tracks?

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