What Music Theory Do You NEED To Know?

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In this episode Andy and Thomas look at the essential music theory on guitar including
– Musical note names
– diatonic chords
– jamming over chords!

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Alex Garcia says:

How would you practice soloing yes we can learn music theory and scales but how would you put them together and solo do we make a backing track? Use a key and Pic a scale then practice differnt position in a melodic way?

leny cera says:

I'm starting to learn how to play guitar because of your 10 days guitar lesson. Thank you so much sir.

moirangthem sanahal says:

Andy, would you please make A full lesson on DEAR GOD by AVENGED SEVENFOLD.

Fergus Blackhall says:

Andy I was wandering if you could do viva Las Vegas by Elvis

Phil James says:

Cheers guys ….. but over too soon … lunch isn't ready yet!!

Jay Minj says:


Hùng Lê Viết says:

Thanks teacher!

penprop01 says:

Thank you. West Virginia loves Andy guitar.

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