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►► Join the waiting list for The EP Blueprint at: https://www.recordingrevolution.com/ep


kye903 says:

If I was Ill Factor, I'd be asking Ron Perlman to take a paternity test…

Andreu Mateu says:

Both very good. I follow you both… GREAT IDEA,

Cathy Wilson says:

I hope that I can learn from this!! DAWS confuse me. Technical terms confuse me. If I am shown the 'why' and 'when,' and 'how,' it should come a bit easier. Thanks!

psilocyberspaceman says:

Aaaand … that killed your server

artilect says:

What's the price?

Ahmet Winchester says:

Just signed up for the waiting list…can't wait the course to be released..got it? Wait…ughx..nvm me 😀 xoxo

Peter FitzPatrick says:

Hmmmmm….for quite a while there I thought Graham and lll Factor were one and the same person! Maybe not….!! Great content guys – please keep it coming…

Kenneth Townsell says:

It would be dope if you guys did a teaching on the business behind releasing this project. For some reason nobody talks about that.


Great to see you guys together…thanks for all the quality content

Happy Quokka says:

Awesome! Thanks Graham!

James Blackwell Jr says:

Okay, I am super new to recording but what does EP mean?

Trevor Hunt says:

Awesome! Love it and can't wait to see what you guys have to share!

Kiley McDonnel says:

I’m so excited for this!!

Josh Rainbow says:

You wont believe it but yesterday I uploaded 4 new songs in my DAW for the new 2020 EP – it seems we are on the same frequency Graham 🙂

Kevin Musso says:

Wow! I’ll be watching

Feryl Music says:

Done! I’m so hungry for this!

Ari Jordan says:

I started on my EP, but I lost my drive. I honestly need to get better and following through.

This was one of the songs from it…

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