Walkthrough of the New MultiTap Delay | New Features in Cubase 10.5

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The new MultiTap delay plug-in in Cubase 10.5 is great plug-in for sound designers, with many features including changing the position, quantization, pan level of each tap. You can change the saturation, modulation and sample rate to make it sound like a 1980s digital delay, add filters, EQ and much more. This video is a walkthrough of the multitap delay plug-in, showing how to use the many delay effects which make it a superb delay plug-in for sound design. Commonly used for producing a vocal, the delay has a ducker to make sure it doesn’t affect the intelligibility when adding a delay to a vocal. One of the most creative new features in Cubase 10.5, the multitap delay is the most complete delay plug-in available, right there in Cubase 10.5.

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Peter says:

Great to have Cubase 10.5, a big step forward in many ways. About the Multitap delay I would like to have a lot of more presets for vocals. I am a preset guy and love to start up scrolling thru presets and tweak from that point.

Simthembile Phesa says:

If you think this was a light update, think again. This plugin alone is worth $100. Thank you Steinberg.

Jugni Records says:

When I have it on the vocals and try to export an audio file, Cubase 10.5 Pro crashes every time. It happens to all old or new projects, perhaps this plugin is super heavy on CPU. So, I’ve stopped using this plugin altogether…very disappointing!

Mark Moiseew says:

много не по делу болтаешь казлина немецкая.

Simon Slee says:

Has to be hands-down one of the best delays on the market now

tarkan Calli says:

Perfect i love echoboy but this is Awesome thanks for this Steinberg 🙂 i make it now 10.5 upgrade and i m happy 🙂

Andrew Henderson says:

Damn. This thing seems super in depth and almost daunting to use. Not good for my OCPD! 😉

Andy Murray says:

Just updated after watching your last few videos…great update from 9.5. Great new little features and layouts. it's always Aids tho loading up projects and plugins are missing…so spent most of the time sorting that out. danke schön


Looks and sounds amazing!!!

jan riesener says:

Earthshaking !!!

Jerry McKenzie says:

Killer delay!

Shmoopy Shaboopy says:

I would love it if they added a 'Conform to Scale or Chord' in the Pitch FX section.

Mick Stubbs says:

Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial Greg.

Ray Sr says:

WOW! that multi tap delay is a beast!

Claudius says:

one word : WOW! Thanks Steinberg team!

ex nihilo says:

This is a beast!

Ivan Venot says:

es una maravilla!

mitchiemasha says:

I remember the pools! did any one ask for this? But, I sure as hell wanted it!

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