Vocal Melody Hack – Songwriting Process // Songwriting Tips

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Vocal Melody Hack – Songwriting Process // Songwriting Tips

in this video I’m going over an exercise that you can try out if you struggle with coming up with songs that you stay on topic with. A lot of people struggle with writing full songs because they don’t know exactly what to write about. I’m giving you an exercise that can help your writing process out and make your songs stay on topic.

Step 1 – choose a word or phrase
Step 2 – write a concept/ idea for overall song meaning
Step 3 – write out what you want to say in the hook
Step 4 – choose what you want to say in the first verse
Step 5 – choose what you want to say in the 2nd verse


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DAW’s , Software, and Plugins

Final Cut Pro X
Logic Pro X
Pro Tools 12.5.0
Studio One 4
Waves Audio Plugins
UAD Plugins
Celemony ( Melodyne )
Antares Autotune EFX +
Adobe Photoshop

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Irfxn Shah says:

isit me or his voice by itself alrdy has autotune naturally

Xpunck -topic says:

4 hours late!!!!!

Tyre Grip Team says:

Appreciated. Thanks for these gems.

Robert Atkins says:

I’m selling sky Jordxn thought process for $250

Lee Owen says:

chops! how many DAWs do you use?

Syco Fire says:

Broooo that shit was too fye

ZaySpeaks says:

Bro, I recently copped the Aston spirit. How you get such a clean sound from it? I got a vocal reflection shield pop filter but still can’t get the vocals as crispy. Windshield recommended?

Torey G says:

Can you make a tutorial on how to flow on a beat?

AaronLastKings says:

this is a dope way to come up with a full song easy fr

Malik Hakeem Khalil Williams says:

Aye lets collab

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