Vocal Chopping In Cubase – Pop Production Tutorial

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Vocal Chopping In Cubase – Pop Production Tutorial
Song credit: Juliette Reilly – Balloon

In this pop music production tutorial, Austin Hull shows you: vocal chopping in Cubase. He walks through choosing parts, arranging them, and processing them. Song credit goes to our wonderful client Juliette Reilly! You can purchase/stream her song “Balloon” on all major platforms!

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Suji K says:

Thank you so much. Quality channel with helpful content, not just another house edm channel…subscribed!!

Виктория Боброва says:

You guys are HUUGE ! Thanks a lot for this video! XOXO

Teddy Herrera says:

make sure your intro shot is in focus next time, i thought i was going blind T_T

Teddy Herrera says:

found my new favorite song to jam out to

Austin Hull says:


The SoundBrothers says:

Did you notice that the part that you mention as being the most important "formants in autotune" is hidden behind your screen? :s

Max Mojs says:

PS: More cubase tuts!! Love it!

Max Mojs says:

Super Nice tips!! Ty man! Rly apreciate it.

Sture Sturesson says:

What I would like to know is how you made thath synth, It's dope.

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