Video Handling Basics | Cubase Q&A with Greg Ondo

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This video looks at video handling basics in Cubase. It starts with importing a video in Cubase, which is placed on a video track with the sound on a separate audio track. There are many options for working with video in Cubase, including matching the frame rate of the video file and Cubase project, a dedicated video window, showing timecode in the video file, different time displays, pre-roll, adding markers, tempo changes, accommodating video edit requests and exporting the video with all changes embedded. Working with video in Cubase is very flexible, ensuring your music and audio edits stay perfectly aligned with the video.

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Pete Bee says:

Excellent Greg your product knowledge is outstanding, you, Dom and Phil are the only people I listen to.

Thewz Garnet says:

how to can i deal with latency ( delay) in cubase 10.5 every time i add plugins it make the vocals late (not in time)

Selaphir says:

Calm, on point and not too lengthy. Thumbs up to that!

frank castle says:

excellent explanations……helped me immensely.

Machinehead says:

Amazing! I was using a bucket and you just handed me a fire hose.. One thing…I have a video that jerks and freezes in the Cubase video display window but plays smoothly in the windows and VLC media players. I've tried converting it to different codecs and that didn't fix it..Any thoughts?

Peter Radd says:

Soooo helpful Greg. This very well maybe the most informative, detailed YouTube video on scoring to video with Cubase – – ever produced. So many important details are missing on some of them, but are included here.

far ema says:

Very helpful

The grouping video and its audio was so simple

So pressing no in that dialog won’t move the movie pressing yes moves the movie

Choose your snap to events to have the time warp attach to your markers.

RickyLaneMusic says:

Very useful instruction. Thanks Greg. I'm sure I'll be watching this a few times!

Chris Robson says:

Is there a way to rename a portion of the bars and beats? For example the first 4 bars name them A, B, C, D and then it transitions into 1, 2, 3, 4 ..


Great features! But unfortunately it’s not possible to change parameters of the video export. You can not change format, resolution, size etc. As a film-composer you often export the complete 90 minutes movie. Doing this with Cubase you easily get 20 gigabytes and more. So, you still have to work with Finalcut or MPEG streamclip or something else. Changing video parameters is possible in Ableton. Why can't Cubase handle this?

Alain Patry says:

Wow this was like the "missing manual" of Cubase on video handling! Thanks Greg!

luckystrke says:

Great stuff. Thanks!

Marcotronic says:

Excellent tips! Thanks a lot!

HowlingUlf says:

I'm saving a link in the cubase video test folder on my HD, not as a bookmark among thousands to be forgotten forever !!! 😀
There's a lot to test in that 18 min video, thank you very much.

Nikita Budash says:

i don't have "show timcode" option in "stuido setup" menu

deci bel says:

I just need ability to crop and timestretch video much like audio file but even without that the video doesn't play most of the time so it's pretty much useless for the most basic stuff.

Ian Newman says:

Excellent instruction as always

Roland Gerard says:

I have learned something, thanks Ondo.

Granulated says:

This is just rubbing it in our noses that you somehow will not add more flexibility into the export fuction. Forcing a re-encode of the source file is ludicrous. As is not allowing re-encodes at different dimensions and bitrates.

DirkDusty says:

This was very useful!!! Thanks.

Ehab Mohammed - ايهاب محمد says:

Thank U Greg

for taught us always ..

Scott Glasgow Music says:

Thanks! Great info here Greg

Reson8s says:

Can this be done in cubase 9 Pro?

June Rigler says:

Very useful, many thanks

Dragens2 says:

this is like ultra helpful omg. Thank you so much 😀 happy to see hamburg in that video 😀

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