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One of the easiest ways to bring life, energy, and dynamics into your mixes is through volume automation.

By systematically going through your tracks and riding the volume up or down where needed you can create drama, depth, and power into an otherwise flat and 2D mix.

Today I want to show you a simple example of how I used volume automation on some guitars to make the hook of a song hit hard.



Hey graham quick question I have a behringer b1 mic should I leave it on the 10 dB settings for vocals or should I flip back reason being is I recorded my song and it sounded like I was in a can


no but will start doing so

40avo says:

I love Graham’s teachings but his videos should be more concise. All the beating around the bush makes me lose patience very quickly

Harold Hughes says:

What if im low on cpu though? should i bounce out the audio WITH all the other effects (such as compression, eq , etc…) and then automate?

Adrián Carlos says:

Does anyone know of any public forum or place where I can upload my music/mixes so that people tear me apart and tell me how awful I compose/mix (If possible telling me why)?

Sykologist says:

I have never used this before. I think its very brilliant.

16914 says:

imstarting today good automation

Pranay Avnish says:

Does that work for EDM also?

That Guy says:

Graham is the fucking man

The Only Shadow Cast says:

Very helpful, thank you. What do you do about ear fatigue or saturation? I tend to get "saturated" when laboring on a mix that demands a lot of focus and attention.

Kyle Uy says:

So glad that you did a video on this =) been using this in my own mixes and it was great to hear you discuss it. Thanks so much for another great video Graham

Benji Martin says:

Awesome! I've had a lot of things going on in my life recently, but I plan on getting back into recording in the near future, so I think I'll try this automation method.

Jason Requa says:

Great video, never thought about it. Thanks

1900stratoliner says:

No I have not, I did not know what parts to automate, going to try this tip, thanks.

Y64 Studio says:

I automate most of my mixes … sometimes I do it with a side-chain compressor

Koray Acar says:

So, speaking of which, what's your take on the Waves Vocal Rider, Graham? When we use it to write automation, it works very meticulously. What's the difference between doing it by hand and letting the Vocal Rider do it? Apart from personal choices to keep dynamics wherever we want them to be?

Nate Sawyer says:

So I'm not doing volume automation but I use quite a bit of sidechain compression to dip volumes to really make things flavorful is that essentially the same thing?

LegitMusic says:

Wow dope tip brother

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