Use This Music Theory Trick To Make Heavenly Melodies! 🔥👼 (NPLB)

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Daniel says:

it sounds so good and easy to do but i bet when i start trying this it wont end this good xD

JTG 2534 says:

kaguya had me

RxbSynth says:


MarvQ In the building says:

Bruh it’s easier to just say the chords code are 0-3-7

imnrvous says:

you helped me unlock the sauce dude

Rayan G says:

YES AT THE END IM LIKE 1/2 THAT BITCH, and just as expected, you know what time it is!

Antwan Jones says:

Damn. This was literally amazing. My sound has grown already and it's all because of this video. Thank you man! You are hands-down the best YouTube beat tutorial maker IMO.

NRE Sound Solutions says:

You must have watched the Hanz Zimmer masterclass…

Jay Cartere says:

You’re the GOAT fam. I was sticking to 1 4 5 a bunch but now imma mix it up with the 3.

You’re always bringing the sauce and it’s much appreciated!

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