Use Pro Tools Without ASIO Interface & Record USB Mic (ANY ASIO DAW)

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How to use Pro Tools without an ASIO audio interface, and how to record a USB microphone in Pro Tools. This method works with any ASIO DAW on Windows (Studio One, Cubase, FL Studio, etc…)

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We all know Pro Tools works best on Windows with an ASIO interface. ASIO is low latency and pretty stable.

But, there are times when you want to use Pro Tools without an audio interface and hear Pro Tools through your computer speakers.

There are various drivers that allow you to do this (ASIO4ALL, FL Studio Driver etc…) some work well, other don’t.

For this method we will use Voicemeeter Potato, it’s free to use.

Set the A1 Hardware Output in Voicemeeter Potato to your computer speakers, either WDM or MME (Realtek for example)

In Pro Tools, set your Playback Engine to Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO.

Activate A1 for the output under Voicemeeter VAIO.

You should now hear Pro Tools through your computer speakers.

Then, if you want to record a USB Microphone into Pro Tools, create a Mono Audio track and set the input to VM-VAIO 1.

Under Hardware Input 1 in Potato, set the input device to your USB mic.

Activate B1 on the mic track in Potato.

Arm the track in Pro Tools and record your USB mic directly into Pro Tools.

You might want to use headphones or mute the output of your computer speakers, otherwise you will get feedback.

Voicemeeter Potato is capable of so much more, and it even works in conjunction with an ASIO interface.

But if all you want if a way to use Pro Tools without an audio interface, using Voicemeeter Potato is an easy way to do so.

Get Voicemeeter Potato for free

Voicemeeter Potato is a powerful piece of software, if you like it, purchase a license to support the people who make it, it’s as little as 10 bucks. Though it will continue to work for free forever.

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Lewis Tiongco says:

Will this work on audio interface + Usb mic??

Hobby chanel says:

My audio from protools can't in at obs how to setting

Jac7ob says:

When I go to switch the playback device, I get an error message saying something like "protools can't set the sample rate" and I can't open projects with the voicemeeter as my playback device, any suggestions?

Pauzi says:

For some reason when i try starting my file on protools it says the sample rate couldnt be created when i select the voice meeter as the I/O please help! "Could not complete the Playback Engine command because Pro Tools could not set sample rate to specified value." this is what it says

SB says:

Will this work for Mac and being able to open pt without an Interface

Laurel says:

Do you think this would work with other DAWs (for example Reaper)?

Loyalty over Royalty says:

any way to fix my recording latency

Cody Young says:

Having an issue when trying to record a vocals track with an instrumental track in Protools, when I go to record the vocals, it picks up every bit of the instrumental track. I am using headphones and a USB mic.

Unknown says:

great tutorial! i wonder what processing / effects you use on your mic's raw input for that smoothness?


Does it work if i use a usb mic and an xlr with interface. Will i be able to record both mic without any problem?


Hey I’ve been trying to record over a beat using this method and it starts recording the beat as well, yes I do have headphones on. Any help would be appreciated, great vid!

Zaii up next says:

It dont work smaple rate is low and i pressed the N key it dont work

Brite Beats says:

I keep getting an error message saying: "Could not complete your request because Pro Tools could not set sample rate to specified value.." What should I do?

HoodFacts Tv says:

It keeps saying change sample rate

JrBrezzy says:

thanks for helping! tried the ASIO4all method and i couldnt get it to work with my snowball mic but this method worked, appreicate it!

riskyrun says:

Is it possible to do use a usb mic with an audio interface and protools?

F3ARNOGaming Vlogs says:

ok so my problem is i have speakers aka my headphones output but i dont have input when my mic is plugged in like its plugged in but not showing my input aka my mic

Vincent Labating says:

Does this work when you have like for example 24bit 96khz interface connected and when you will not use the interface will you be able to open the project?

AnomalyLost says:

Hi I need some help please. Instead of using the laptop speakers as the output, how would I use my Bluetooth headphones instead? When I try to enable this as the output device in the same way you showed with the speakers, pro tools gives me an error message.. there's probably something really simple that I'm missing but I really need help please! Thank you

vem4o says:

Can u listen trough your head phones and record from the mice ?

Twisited says:

Does this work with NDI yet?

George Mickel says:

I just bought you a virtual beer! Thanks for the vid!

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