Use Cubase Brickwall Limiter to Improve your Metal Sound | Metal Recording Basics

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In this metal recording basics video, Mendel Bij De Leij looks at how to use the Cubase brickwall limiter to improve your metal sound. The Cubase 10.5 brickwall limiter plug-in is very useful in metal production, for example to make the bass more even, to finesse the guitars, to reduce snare bleed from overhead microphones and keep the drums in check. Production techniques like using the brickwall limiter can help to significantly improve your metal sound, so they are well worth experimenting with.

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Ivan Houben says:

I really use a LOT the multibandtransientenvelope to shape the drums. That plugin is awesome !

Demondrive says:

Great tool, when used accordingly. Also reminded me first URM vids, where Joel Wanasek put L1 on everything to get it "under control" straight out of the bat ha ha

Slawomir Sobota says:

Hi, great video! What is the profile do you use for those guitars? I see you have two tracks per left and right channel. Would you make a video how did you blend those tracks in the mix please? Stay heavy!!

Costin Novac says:

Here is Mendel with his usual receipe: some good advice (although i liked more without limitter) and some killer riff that makes you give a damn about limitter. I don't know; it sound like a drop C? Maybe a tab in the future. Good job

Jotun Studio says:

Very insightful use of the brickwall limiter, thanks! By the way, which drum library is being used here?

And since you asked, I´d like to see a video talking about drum processing, if that´s possible. Thanks in advance!

peterlambros says:

Great video Mendel. Great example, fantastic sound and tone on the project chosen to demonstrate the use of the brickwall limiter; thank you for sharing.

Jyun says:

Actually the brickwall almost destroys the bass tone and makes it a little bit distorted.

Antonis Antoniou says:

Perhaps my favorite Cubase stock plugin…Used with care of course

Eyes Of Truth Music says:

Sounds great!!

Debjit Roy Chowdhury says:

Very impressive but can you stop piracy….

Igor Pomykalo Early Music says:

Absolutely great! Thank you very much.

Mitch Dolan says:

Hey Mendel, could you comment on what you're using for Drums, Bass VST Instruments and Guitar Tone (e.g. Kemper?)

Francis Lee says:

this series is probably my favorite out of all the Cubase tutorials i've watched! definitely would watch more videos like these 😀

Carlos Almeida says:

That bass is tight! It seems to be where the limiter shines the most!

Filipe Oliveira says:

amazing sound

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