Universal Audio original 610 Console

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Universal Audio teams up with engineer John Nowland, and Neil Young’s original UA 610 console. The men’s room was used for reverb and the real Cooper Time Cube was used for pre-delay as UA employees played a rendition of Miles Davis’ “All Blues”. To learn more about UA’s 610 related products, visit: www.uaudio.com www.uaudio.com www.uaudio.com www.uaudio.com


edgeguy99 says:

On my cheap laptop speakers the Hammond just had me turn my head to the left to see what was making that noise there.
What a 3D sound!
To think, I watched a 6 channel UA mixer be tossed in the garbage at CBS in NY in 1978 and I didn’t take it home.
After all, it was so big and didn’t have EQ.

JohnLRice says:

Very nice! And nice to see a good sized Moog modular in the studio. It actually looks ‘modern’ compared to the 610 Console! 😉 hhhmm, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a modular synth designed with the same size, knobs and controls as the 610!

blehto says:

mmmmmmmm rotary pots yessssssssssssss

PeteWojMusic says:

when i first bought my pair of LA610’s, i tried various methods, instruments, and mic’ing techniques to make it sound bad….. I literally CANT MAKE ANYTHING SOUND BAD RUNNING THROUGH THIS UNIT. Cant live w/o my LA610’s.

vintageaudioworkshop says:

The board doesn’t sump the sound & harsh it up due to the tubes/transformers & the design the fact that it’s basic only adds to the quality..

HappyJesusDrummer says:

I know this has prob already been said and I don’t want to start a war BUT! In this little experiment with this old console did anyone at UA listen and say “wow our 610 pres don’t sound anything like this”? I’m not saying the 610 sounds bad but it sounds nowhere near as good as the old original 610. I think UA needs to up their game and do everything they can to get that sound. My two cents.

TheBoyWonderLAB says:

Old school recording/mixing techniques us engineers just love. Another awesome post from the UA crew!

InstantReverbPro says:

You guys should make a reproduction of something like this!! maybe 16 channels? I’d love to do some stuff on something like this.

Chiefbobaloo says:

We old guys always said, trash in- trash out. A great console like this separates the men from the boys.
If you dont sound good, – you wont sound good.

lorettasson says:

Frank DeMedio !!,,,NOT-Bill Putnam Sr!!

surferdude50 says:

Very sweet… ]:o)

TheProgmagog says:

Excellent point.

gsagula2 says:

and you fag around!

deadbirdsings says:

– You’re an idiot.

deadbirdsings says:

– The Spartan features of the board, far from being a drawback, could well be a factor in why the recording sounds good, since it forces the engineers to keep it simple and get the sound right at the source rather than trying to fix things in the mix.

gsagula2 says:

First, old stuff doesn’t sound fat and usually has noise…

Second, Pro Tools and Avid preamps + converters do the job. SPECIALLY FOR JAZZ!

Third, mixing everything in the box, but now using Fruitloops would lead to state of art!

Why use this old, green and mouldy peace of museum?

Pls, don’t answer! I’ll be mad…

JamieTateJamieTate says:

Ironically, the mix could’ve used more compression.

JamieTateJamieTate says:

Nice choice. Smooth Jazz belongs in the toilet.

JamieTateJamieTate says:

Got Reverb? Jesus!!

morninggloryseed says:

Nice to see the pros using the same techniques as unknown, and yet unrecognzed pros like me. 🙂

Specifically I refer to using a mixing board with computer.) I do my premixing in the DAW (cubase for me) and then send that premix through 4 stereo busses to the mixer, and the stereo signal is sent back to the DAW to be recorded.

Something about hand mixing on an actual physical mixing board that is very satisfying compared to working strictly within a DAW.

zirokiller00 says:


TheProgmagog says:

The console certainly is wonderful, but dont read too, too much into that. There are many reasons this recording sounds so good. Its about the performance, the instruments, the amps (and settings), the room, the mics and placement. Of all these things, the mixer influences the sounds the very least. Especially one like this with almost no eq on board short of a few switches in-or out. It imparts a subtle quality indeed, but subtle is the word..

TheProgmagog says:

Actually they were recording into Pro Tools.

TheProgmagog says:

Even on my lousy PC speakers this sounds incredible.

Carlitos Padilla says:

Big dials!I want it! lol

ClausLunoe says:

I was in haven for a moment,,,, So i will press play and go back again.

thepilgrimsdream says:

This is the best i ever heard something at 360! I want this console sooooo bad

naturecollision says:

i love this sound

markandtyler says:

@douken…… No

Douken says:

nope, the greatest video on youtube must be this one watch?v=orjt7BhvfMw

calebrosazza says:

you guys know this video isnt actually about jazz right?

if you ever meet each other, you can duke it out then. but for now you can just walk away because this is an online argument in the youtube comments.

besides, im sure i have much better taste than both of you anyway. what do you think of that?

col50 says:


P Longo says:

Amassingggg Video, the sound is real and so great. This is a real stuff and not from the digital era where we live now.

markandtyler says:

I won’t lie. This is the greatest video on YouTube.

barzoman2 says:

Mixer Looks Old and Ugly but Sounds Great
Crystal Sparkling sounding
UA is a great Products

The8ighthBit says:

I like the music. I’m no pro musician but I appreciate the art and genres. To me music is bad when it has no substance or soul. I’d love to jam with these guys.

fishybishbash says:

Crumbs I’ve written about 5 posts about why I think the music on this clip is not very good. You think its ok so whatever I say you’re going to disagree – and because you think its ok and I dont, you accuse me of having terrible taste and being shallow. Come on then bring it on. What do you consider the best Jazz recording of all time? Or top 3 if you like?

zkranz0 says:

“There’s good jazz and bad jazz” … I still don’t quite understand what’s wrong with this music. I feel any opinion deserves some sort of explanation or otherwise I see it as just shallow belief.

fishybishbash says:

lol its not bad because it doesn’t sound like Miles; its bad because its bad! Jeez I’m starting to feel terrible for these guys now slating them off because of an off the cuff remark I made which you took umbridge to. As for your point that there are more types of jazz than good and bad – what like bebop, dixie, free, swing etc etc??? Good isn’t a TYPE of jazz is it, c’mon you’re having me on surely

zkranz0 says:

I can’t see this being anywhere near Kenny G’s “interpretation” of jazz. And I’d say there are more types of jazz rather than just good and bad. If you can only respect one type of jazz then clearly you’re not sticking to your theory of how music should be judged. Jazz can be heard in several forms. It’s always evolving with creativity. Change, especially with jazz, is inevitable and doesn’t make it a bad thing just because it doesn’t sound like Miles.

fishybishbash says:

I respect the ideas that Miles had. Or someone like Zappa for example. But not particularly someone like Larry Carlton or Steve Vai. Would you say that Kenny G makes good music? After all he’s an extremely proficient player. There’s good jazz and bad jazz, just like anything else; and this is bad.

fishybishbash says:

They can. Doesn’t make it any good though.

zkranz0 says:

Also, I will admit, these musicians aren’t up to the caliber of Miles at even his worst, but can’t you respect the IDEA of it’s creation like you said? It might not be well executed but that doesn’t make the concept bad. It’s not like everyone is Miles Davis when it comes to jazz, you know.

zkranz0 says:

I’ve got a couple of things to say to that. By your comment to Miles and his draw to the “good stuff” and also your mentioning of jazz rock wannabes I feel like you’re contradicting yourself. If Miles, being a well remembered jazz titan, could have a vision of innovating and collaborating different music that it applied to an audience as big as the popular hip-hop genre, then why can’t these musicians attempt to collaborate what music they know best?

fishybishbash says:

Well not necessarily but lets face it if Miles were alive today he wouldn’t be doing this would he. He’d be most likely making beats and working with hip hop artists. That was the thing with Miles, he always knew where the good stuff was at. If you like this sort of thing then its up to you, obviously, but just because I’ve correctly identified that its half arsed, badly played and out of date doesn’t mean I have ‘terrible taste’. Quite the reverse, I would contend.

zkranz0 says:

So does this represent your view of jazz as a whole?

fishybishbash says:

When I was about 25 I realised that music was as much about the idea as the execution. Thats why Tom Waits is good despite the fact he sings like a wino. I might want to record someone singing a decent song, maybe someone playing something from another country; something with a bit of charm - unlike the jazz rock wannabes on show here.

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