Universal Audio La2a Teletronix vs UAD La2a plugin

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Sami Rabia says:

When he says poets and painters the hardware compressor nicely rounds off the plosives. On the plug-in they remain and are fairly irritating. The first parts of his words are more upfront in the plug-in making them standout in an odd way.

The hardware gives you a good rounded, clear and musical sounding vocal, the plug-in gives you something you’d still need to work on (somehow) to make it sound really good and “addictive” to listen to.

Sami Rabia says:

I agree too, I immediately felt there was more detail in the plug-in which made it less pleasant to listen to. It also did not have the same amount of movement (as the volume changes because of GR). Surprising. The plug-in sounded very typical of plug-ins, really it’s true, it is flat sounding, no other way I can think of to describe it.

rigerousrecording says:

I feel like the real deal was more rich, I had to A/B a couple times to be sure but the software was very two dimensional whereas the LA2A was more up front a felt like it was wider

nikolamijic says:

Ohhhh….this is a hughe difference! It maybe looks like a small one but in the music on top of 70 tracks…this would make a even bigger diference…
Wowwww ….thanx!!!!!!!

nikolamijic says:

Yes that’s true.But similar is a harsh thing to say cause,when you add up that airiness of analog and put 20 or 30 tracks in the mix processed with hardware but inserted into a DAW, you’ll definitely hear a bigger difference between the two final signals, plus if you compress some of the tracks of a song with it instead of plugin, you’ll be stoned for not having at least 2 of them units in your own studio + some distressors and C2 or 165s or whatever 🙂

Sweetassour says:

I never tried the LA2A hardware but I bet the gain also creates extra harmonics where as the plugin is nothing but volume.

sunahura says:

The plugin captured the tone but was a thinner sounding than the real deal, not bad though


Thanks God an honest comparison video!!
It’s cleary deep and clear sound on real thing instead of humble and bit bass on low notes and “ps” like “pull” etc. but after all plugin sounds good.
But if you think about a mix with 16 channels of humble takes probably you will get a blunt mix!

esdistinto says:

Vocal source was the same.
Converters are Lynx Aurora 16 – protools HD


Hardware sounds nice, round and full.

Plugin sounds not as nice, not as full. Sounds a bit metallic. Still sounds good.

Was the vocal source the same for both tracks???

What converters are you using with the DAW?

esdistinto says:

I agree

esdistinto says:

Male vocal: Neumann U47 into Telefunken V76, no eq.

gazuul says:

Great demo and an outstanding voice! Keep em coming. Not sure if you’ve done this yet, but could you demo the Twinfinity preamp from UA? Would love to hear it cranked to the max gain while switching from the tube to the transistor mode…

dragonlee1bfed says:

Having read so much on GS and other forums on how much pluggins are so close to the hardware…hearing this today has sonically showed me Hardware all the way. The pluggin has an unattractive detail to it, it replicates the very “front” of the wave or vocal, but like a flat cd shaped, had no depth, roundness, or body if you like. With the advances of pluggins I still think they have a million miles to go. For MP3 recording pluggins are great afterall. Some one bring back the Hardware. Great vid

MrA5hton says:

hardware more body, detail & depth. the software sounds flat in comparison but nevertheless very good. pro for the software that you can use multiple instances but negative is that if you use a lot of instances it degrades the mix. Then again. not many people pay for big productions nowadays and mp3 dominates our headphones.shame that I only own the software 🙂 a lot of background noise when you demonstrated the plug in. was there some kind of fan on in the backround?or was it the plug in itself

Yohami Zerpa says:

death to plugins – sadly

esdistinto says:


esdistinto says:

The hardware has more body and sweet harmonics. Apparently the difference is small, but more important is when you add to the mix, the hardware is always sweeter.
Gustavo Giardelli.

damienlott says:

Man, sounds like the plugin it´s not even compressing, is it on bypass? I don´t think so… HW 1 – Plugin 0

It would be nice to hear CLA1176 bluestripe VS the real thing…

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