Understanding The Drag and Drop Functionality | Cubase Q&A with Greg Ondo

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Using drag and drop in Cubase can really speed up your workflow. In this video, Greg Ondo looks at the drag and drop functionality in Cubase, showing how you can drag and drop MIDI and audio files directly into your project. When dragging MIDI files into a project you can choose whether to send them to instrument tracks, MIDI tracks or the default HALion Sonic SE in Cubase preferences. Chord track information, video files, loops, VST instruments, effects plug-ins and more can also be used with the drag and drop functionality in Cubase.

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A Lo says:

Greg you still doing google hangouts? I learn so much from them!!!

Eric Kauffmann says:

The chord track conversion to the instrument track blew my mind!

Pete Bee says:

I really appreciate all the videos they are super helpful though I think I'm pretty crap at it pleased it's my hobby an not my living not sure if I have enough time left on the planet to get my head around it all.

A. Taylor says:


Nathan Kaye says:

OMFG! The dragging and dropping of insert plugins into the direct offline processing is a welcome revelation to my workflow to save CPU!!! (I've spent way too much time trying to match settings from each plugin in the inserts to D.O.P and then deleting the inserts)

timmlive says:

cool. Thanks!

Big Guy says:

Is there a way to drag and drop effect chains between project files?

Daniel Stenning says:

Re dragging and dropping MIDI files and mulltitimbral instrument use (Halion Sonic SE) Id like the ability in Cubase when setting up a Template – to allow any Instrument track to be designated a unique MIDI PC number. They idea is to let us to set up our own multitimbral default instrument tracks for any or all MIDI PC values used in General MIDI.  So I could set up a track with PC 1 as my Ivory Steinway piano plugin, another set up for OC 33 ands using a Kontakt double bass library, and tracks assigned to PC 5 and 6 set up with presets from the Lounge Lizard plugin for Rhodes and Wurlitzer. All the remaining instruments in GM would still default to using Halion SH GM instrument set. 
This would allow us to have GENERAL MIDI  files sounding much better if we happen to own or prefer instrument libraries plugin of our own. 
 a feature request for this exists here: 

tiscover says:

Is there a way to drag and drop an audio file and route it directly to a bus? That would be a pretty handy feature!

Thanks anyway for the video…

Phileosophos says:

OMG! So many great tips! Thanks!

DONTA 2x says:

Mine says Unmapped. How do I Map it ?

distortedhumans says:

What about the Vst3 ilok issue pluggings are freezings Cubase 10 but not Wavelab 9.5

Mikey Micstar Seguin /Sprunt says:

You are the Greatest. I have been trying to take a piece of a guitar track from one project and put it in another Completely different Project and have been having no luck until now. Than You Greg !!! You are a Champ. F'en Great Tutorial Keep em coming ! You are a Proffessor at this. I have learned so much from you Greg. Much Appreciated !!

Jüri Kill says:

This lesson definitely for me.Thank you very much

Filipe Oliveira says:

thank you Greg, it was very useful

Kris Luyckx says:

If I drag MIDI from Maschine into Cubase that contains only data on 1 MIDI channel, Cubase always creates 15 empty MIDI tracks for the other channels. Is there any way to prevent this?
Is there any setting to ignore empty tracks in a MIDI file?

far ema says:

Drag and drop VST INSTRUMENT and EFFECTS in Cubase is stupid…it needs to be like Abelton live in which you just double click and it loads the instrument in the selected channel or add the effects to the end of the chain.

saitomusic says:

I'm grateful for the tutorial. Thanks Greg.

Chris Christodoulou says:

Every time I see the title and think, oh, I'm a veteran, I know all about this. Every time Greg proves me wrong 🙂

Sizzletube says:

nice one Greg TU^ 130 😉 Trevor

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