Trance In Cubase – Start To Finish – Lesson 2 – Melody Basics

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In this tutorial you will learn basic to advanced Cubase and music production skills, techniques, tips and tricks. The aim of the course is to help you learn how to go from just messing around with ideas to fully arranged, mixed and mastered tracks. The best way to learn how to do this is to follow along and actually make a track yourself, step by step with guidance from experienced, professional music producers/tutors. There are more details on the course, just follow the link above and you can learn more about the course and listen to the track that you can make by completing the tutorial.

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For specialized music production skills, like mixing, mastering, music theory, sound design etc go here

Who are we? Born To Produce was founded by professional music producers Jay Hales & Jon Merritt with the aim of providing super usable and informative tutorial videos that they never had access to when they were climbing the music production ropes. The entire aim is to boil complex topics down into easy to understand and easy to repeat steps, so that everyone who wants to can discover the utter pleasure of music production and it has become a passion of both and the Born To Produce Team to keep doing this and get better and better at it.

Born To Produce is also a Steinberg Certified Training Centre

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