Traffic Campaign Vs Conversion Campaigns for Spotify Music Marketing

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In this video I talk about the difference between a traffic campaign vs conversion campaigns in Facebook ads for marketing your music on Spotify. STOP USING LINK CLICK CAMPAIGNS! I’ve seen too many people, myself including, waste money on link click campaigns because they are too susceptible to bots and accidental clickers. You might get 100 link clicks, but then only see 5 streams on Spotify – with conversion campaigns i’ll often have 95/100 conversions result in actual streams.


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Unguyd3d says:

Hey Andrew, I have a question, hopefully you can give me some insight on. I've been running a conversion ad campaign for a spotify playlist I created. I have it set up to where my FB pixel is counting conversions within my ToneDen landing page when someone clicks the "Play" button to get to spotify. I have received over 900 conversions, but the playlist has only received a small fraction of those conversions in "Likes/Follows".

I'm curious if you can think of something that would entice more people who make it to the playlist to actually press the like button? I have seen an increase in playlist streams and followers (since I started to campaign), but i just feel for 900 conversions the follower rate is really low. Seems like a lot of interested people who make it to end of the race without crossing the finish line.

If you have any ideas/suggestions i would love the insight & conversation. Obviously I know there is no guarantee with these things, but I figured I'd ask someone with more knowledge and understanding. See if I'm missing something or if I can improve how I am running my ads. 🙂

Thanks a ton!
– Unguyd3d (Kris)

Luka B says:

I have used link clicks campaigns and almost all my songs have gotten on discover weekly. At the peak I've done around 3-4k streams a day on one song. But what you say makes sense and I will try a conversion campaign next and see how it goes, great video btw thanks

Ask Carol says:

Hey Andrew, this is great advice! So glad I found this video 😀

TARiiiQ says:

Is there a real difference in results from landing page views on traffic vs conversions?

Alfonso Perdomo says:

Most of your videos talk about generating traffic on spotify, but I don't see any focus on creating engagement with your audiences and getting followers. Why is that? I mean, by just focusing on spotify campaigns, wouldn't you end up losing money since spotify pays too little per stream?

Matt Artz says:

Andrew, great videos. Are you using a 7-day click and 1-day view conversion window? If no, what option do you select?

Ale Loy says:

Great content as always. Is there any way to figure out from which ad the landing page has been viewed the most? Or is it just the conversions that are can be monitored?

Ottoman Beats says:

cant you just use a landing page but with traffic campaign option?

Travisofficialmusic says:

Also you can target your interests based on artists like example you can target ppl that are only interested in Tory Lanez

ay- Mill says:

Daaaamn.. I have used the traffic campaign all the time. I thought that was the way to go… that's why I got 10250 link clicks and 200 streams lol. Wasn't making sense at all..

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