Tips on worship songwriting (part 1) // Vlog #31

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Jonathan from Rivers & Robots answers your questions on songwriting and worship music in this Q&A. How to fit lyrics into a melody, how do you write a song based on a Bible verse, and great ways to get inspired to write.

This vlog was filmed on the Canon G7x. Edited in Premiere. Music by ourselves.

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Annalisa Brown says:

Jonathan this is beautiful! Thank you!

Eric York says:

Such good tips

Jasmine Lee says:

Thank you! I like your voice without reverb a lot. Great advice.

Charlie Nonya says:

Worship my dick baby

Eu4JC - Singer Songwriter says:

Praise God! Was just hoping to connect to another singer songwriter who are a Christian . Love the way you relate your relationship with Jesus in your songwriting. Awesome video. I have been writing songs myself, but haven’t been able to focus for the last couple of years. This year, I The Lord has put in my heart to commit to song writing again. So, I was hoping to connect to other songwriters like you to keep myself on track and motivated. Thanks for all the tips and most of all the inspiration in your video. God bless!

Josiah Gennell says:

Thanks Jonathan!!! This is the perfect video for me.

emmanuelibus says:

Any tips on coming up with melodies?

Sammy_V says:

Fullness of God is my favorite song by you guys. Great example of writing songs from scripture!

Ruth Mendoza says:

Exactly!! I love it when the exact verse fits in the melody. Some of your songs actually helped me memorize verses. 😀

Beatriz Bragança Baraldi says:

You're very good in what you do! Since I discovered Rivers and Robots I'm amazed with your lyrics and melodies. Kisses from Brazil! 🙂

Bao Dung Tran says:

I am living in Kansas City now. Which conference did you go to?

Bobby Washington Vlog says:

Praise God… I love the lord Jesus too. I subbed…

Evelyn Rodriguez says:

And I love recognizing bible verses when listening to your music

Evelyn Rodriguez says:

I must say you have such a unique, soothing style, one can say you're true to yourself. There is a lot of mainstream worship today that listening to your music is refreshing.
God bless you so much!

João Filipe Andrade says:

Honestly, this is one of the best videos I've watched from you guys. Good bits of advice on writing and creative process, but most importantly on meditating on the word of God and abiding in His truths and having the songwriting just be a consequence of that. Just recently came across your work and you've been blessing me a lot. Very inspiring songs, listening to them all day long.

Kevin Qualls says:

Yeah, every time I read or hear someone read Colossians 1 I hear the melody of "Fullness of God" in my head. It's awesome!

Stephanie Ortega says:

Amen, Jesus is what our whole life is all about! You're right, going to him first being in His presence will make everything be added, His word in our mouth to give Him what He wants to hear 😀

The Hedgerow Folk says:

Love this. Thanks for sharing!

ThatChristianVlogger says:

When a verse jumps out, I view that as an opportunity to jump into it! Sollllid advice!

Simon Davy says:

Love the Edgar Wright opening.

Montell Fish says:

Amen ! He is forever!!! Yes brotha

Montell Fish says:

ha literally releasing a vlog today, on a similar subject in it!

Let's call it a night says:

Great part 1! Part 2 should be an in depth behind the scenes masterclass on how you made the Set Sail vlog song! 🙂

Jack&Issy Exploring says:

Love this video! We are a couple travelling the world! Currently in India. Vlogs every few days ! If you subscribe We will sub back! Reply to this comment so we know when you have!

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