TikTok Music Promotion Results And Platform Comparisons | How To Use To For Music Marketing

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thesun collective147 says:

Your energy is "transferring" to me..I'm in .

Skip2Dip says:

Needed this, i was just contimplating starting one up! Thank you BrandMan Sean!

40Akers says:

Had to put the glasses on for this one

SizzerX says:

What's the buy in on tik Tok anyway. Minimum? For ads

SizzerX says:

I'd say 20k/30k IG follower should get 100 dollars. Tik Tok has taken the money to their own side.
It's just a post they don't even have to sweat

sonythabeast says:

What about triller does trillion do samething to because triller is mostly for hiphop ?

Yotzen Rodriguez says:

Is there someone who can share to me paid videos for TikTok campaigns on BrandMan??

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