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When advertising your music on Instagram and Facebook, you might be making an expensive mistake.

Because artists want to see engagement and reach on all of their posts they are constantly hitting the ‘promote’ or ‘boost’ button. But in this video we explain what you should be doing.

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Max R says:


Hayden McHugh says:

Please do!!

Alto Key says:

Ad manager videos also appreciated 🙂

Ryan Cross says:

Yes please!!

IKE says:

Yes. Make a full video on using the instagram ad manager.


Yes please!!

James Otieno says:

Yes please!!!

Radu Marcu says:

Yes please ‼️

Will Taylor says:

says dollars, has a british accent….haha great video+ yes!

Third Wave Techno says:

yes 🙂 especially on identifying and optimising audiences for music promotion

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