This is Your Brain on Music Theory

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Music is Win says:

You guys have been asking me to get back to my roots and do more theory videos, which makes sense considering that's what I love to do: teach, and geek out. Thanks so much for your constructive feedback and continued support, friends.

Ryan Mah says:

B-b-b-b-b-b-but, it will make you less creative Reeeeeeee

Chileno R says:

What's the pick of Tyler?

NinjaPanda says:

hey could you make a video about keys ?
I don’t understand how keys work.
In the video you said “ let’s take the key of G”, what happens if you take another, what do keys actually do?

Pancho A. says:

Bro your tone is heavenly

Gernhart Reinholzen says:

Great sound!

SenorClam16 says:

Wow! baby sounds incredible with the new upgrades :O

Gabriel Stellet says:

For anyone who ever wanted to play Tyler on Guitar Hero… Now you can! (kinda):

For those who don't know, Guitar Flash is a browser version of the popular Guitar Hero franchise. Just follow the link and give it a try!

Ben Stokes says:

Hey, I am planning on majoring in guitar at University in the next year or 2 and I wanted to know, what all do I need to know to get in, Do I need to know alot of theory and like every scale, Or can I go in with sufficient knowledge?

Theo Shaphat Nayak says:

Am I the only one freaking out with the amount of pedals he has rn!

Shane McCollum says:

Beach Boys did that chromatic thing too in that Kokomo song they have.

BurningStonersMusic says:

Lol Rick beatos rant vid

IM³ Institut für Musik-Multimedia-Marketing says:

I do love your theory videos. May I dare to ask for "Habits of…" videos? I would like to know more about Nuno Bettencourt, Rik Emmett, Steve Stevens. Thank you. Greetings from Berlin, Germany.

Riley Barringer says:

Has anyone bought his lessons? I'd like to know how well they work before I take the plunge

eroticblack says:

your solos are always awesome man! you are a monster, and a huge inspiration!

eroticblack says:

I always had some special relation with chromatic type rhythms and leads, loved the general sound of it!! Whether it's clean stuff, blues, or even metal, like in some of megadeth's rhythm and leads! Feel free to give me advice guys!

Danny Quirarte says:

Such a sexy guitar

Back Country Pastimes says:

"This is your brain on drugs" Me: what, a healthy nutritious breakfast? Sure, LETS DO THIS

Ogea Opea says:

dank, scrumptious, soothing, uuuh…another rich word, tunes.

Memegodx says:

Bring back sunday jams?

Jasmine Kaur says:

Please make video on tritone and how we can expose ourselves to it
What to hear for it

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