This is How I Learned ALL My Basic Music Theory (DO THIS!)

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If you are like a lot of Beginner and Intermediate guitar players, then you are probably experiencing confusion about where to start when you’re trying to work on Basic Music Theory. If this sounds like you, then you need to watch this video.

In this lesson, I’m going to show you the best way to start into learning basic music theory. Plus, I will also show you how to understand Major and Minor chord quality once and for all.

Everything starts by learning about Major and Minor 2-note chords (intervals). Let me explain, these 2-note chords (intervals) are the building blocks for everything else that happens in music. Once you learn how these 2-note ideas build up to bigger principles, you’ll also start to comprehend how everything else fits together in music as well.

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Delzona says:

Great information! I’ve been learning triads for a while and was just starting on Major & Minor intervals. This video just put
those two things together in a way that didn’t occur to me! Double diads! Boom! Mind blown!

Michael Mari says:

Hello Andrew. I just wanted to let you know I received my t-shirt (Keep calm and play guitar). And it's nice to get a quality shirt. Thanks again for all you do.

Craig Ghelfi says:

How do I notify u that I donated?

Dome Indoom says:

"Basically on a guitar everything is so shape dependent, it is all geometrical.
Once you learned the quality of sound (major/minor difference) you can use it anywhere."
Thanks a lot for that quick simple lesson.

Stephen Fairbanks says:

You can use to create and visualise your own guitar patterns for following along.

Inside the Leaf says:

Many thanks!

Joanem Jean says:

I follow you today

Max Designs says:

This wasn't very clear. especially to a newbie…

sushmita biswa says:

Thanks a lot…man ..we love u

pxy marak says:

So power chords are not chords

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