The Ultimate Tip for Perfect Mixes Every Time in Cubase (A/B Referencing)

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Hey guys! I created a poll a while ago about which DAW you guys are using and the vast majority seems to be using Cubase – which happens to be my favourite DAW too πŸ™‚ So I thought I’d do more videos on Cubase!

On this video, I show you how to do A/B referencing in Cubase when mixing, mastering and producing. This is one of my favourite Cubase Pro tricks of all time! And the best part is it’s FREE to set up and use πŸ™‚
Cubase Pro:

Plugins that I use on this video:

Plugin Alliance Black Box:

Arturia 1973Pre:

Fabfilter Pro-L2:

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Chekad Sarami says:

It seems, I only here my mix and not the reference!

Wendel Kos says:

AWESOME! Ive been trying this for the last 20 year pffff…Tip for Steinie: make a simple plugin you can drop after your mastering chain…call it A-B or something

Onur Erised says:

Why dont you send a request to Cubase to integrate this as a feature? To simplify the process so you dont need to use a template and do it on a project very fast.

Filipe Oliveira says:

it works like a glub

Matthew Wood says:

This is great Dom. Many thanks πŸ™‚


Fucking awesome, had no idea

soundclass says:

Hi Dom Sigalas first of all, thank you for your videos. This was a very nice tip. I've been using another way of referencing tracks and I would like to share with you. I use a subgroup as a MASTER BUS and put all my mastering plugins there, then I mute the referencing tracks (that are already routed to the Stereo Out, bypassing the MASTER BUS), so, when I solo them, they will also play without pops and clicks. In this way I could reference more than one track, for example, when I'm mastering an album with 10 songs and have 3 or 4 references. With the arrow key it's very easy to toggle among those tracks (the Preference for Solo Selected Track must be on). There's a downside though when you accidentally unmute the tracks and all of them play at once and that's loud. I hope that's usefull for something. Thanks again.

Jeez Kult says:

Absolute game-changer. Thanx soooo much!! Little issue using Control Room, unfortunately. This kind of monitoring can be used only in a final mix ( a mastering session ).If I use reference tracks while producing, browsing samples to find better-sounding samples trying to match reference' sound quality, Cubase Control Room shut down the browsing media audio. So, if the control room is active, browsing media audio preview is automatically deactivated. Very annoying. Is there a way to browse media AND having the control room active, simultaneously? Thank you so much Dom.

Philip Zilfo says:

Hey.. I have a question.. have you noticed that when you switch the source to CUE, your loudness meter in the control room doesn't receive a signal from the CUE source? Only from your main stereo out unfortunately.. I don't understand why.. The loudness meter should follow whatever source you are listening to. Thoughts?

Philip Zilfo says:

That was very useful! Thanks!

dreadlove says:

Very good tip πŸ™‚ thank you for that… very much

ronniewibbley says:

Great stuff again, Dom.

Eric Gudmunsen says:

Magic A/B for me.

Simon W. says:

Hi Dom, thank you so much for sharing this. Brilliant! It’s going to be a massive time saver for me!

Aleksandar Sedlar says:

Thanks! πŸ™‚ Great video!

G says:

How do you level match?
To avoid the β€œlouder is better” trap.

Malcolm Hodgson says:

Finally, somebody has shown me how to do this! A million thanks!

marcini samurabe says:

Hey, very usefull like most of your videos but i found something more handy, maybe also for you…..i remember you are rme remote control user…in my case what i did is..: create in cubase 1 extra stereo out and i assign to different 2 outs of totalmix….(software playback), than just set and save new snapshot for only reference channel and you can easly switch between 2 sounds in cubase thru the rme controler…let me know πŸ™‚

Dino Sirius says:

Hey there Dom, quick question : I activated the control room for referencing as you showed, but now I can't hear my metronome click anymore (I remember that's why I kept it disabled in the first place). How do I reactivate the quick to hear it along with my main mix ? Also, deactivating the Control Room seem to make my whole session out of time, which is really confusing…any help would me much appreciated πŸ™‚


By the way, this song sounds like the song from The Lincoln Lawyer movie.

Smashgate Productions says:

Using Metric AB for a couple of years, great plug-in…but your way is faster. πŸ™‚ Thanks, great tip!!

Michael Einberger says:

love this tip.

oceantracks says:

I do a lot of covers and am always going back and forth, this is just great!

Oscar Cherici says:

Yeah man. Great job


uhhh wow !!
And funfact ; this stuff even works in Cubase 5.
just assigned a keycommand.

Really amazing detective work πŸ™‚
Works like a charm!

Thumbs up + subscribed !! πŸ™‚

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