The Theory Exercise That Changed EVERYTHING | Metal Music Theory #2

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Today we check out the music theory trick that changed everything for me back in the day – when you start to visualize arpeggios, scales and chords in a more connected way, you will be able to come up with much more musical and creative phrases for your solos and improvised takes.

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BERNTH says:

Today we check out a killer music theory trick that will help you with visualizing scales, chords and arpeggios! As always the tabs, guitar pro files, and practice backing tracks are online on my Patreon page:

Ferdy Gotawa says:

Indonesian subtitle please

Katatonia says:

Bernth and Brandon Acker are the best channels we have for guitar, imagine them doing a collab!!

Amber57499 says:

I finally bought the 10 steps course! I just wanted to ask: it said there's a way to contact you if I have any questions, but unfortunately I'm unable to find that function or button. Could you please explain that to me?

Kristofferson Belen says:

Thanks man great videos as always.

jay costa says:

so after year of playing by ear i had hit a plateau and became bored. i started considering taking lessons when i stumbled upon your videos. the neoclassical shred/ tech metal spectrum was always what i was into so shit was i in luck. 100% exactly what i was looking for beyond what i had even hoped to find in an instructor. your videos are awesome, straight to the point explaining the theory in an extremely knowledgeable but clear and easy to understand. for the past few months since ive started watching your videos ive been playing hrs a day again for the first time since i was in my teens. youve helped make playing/learning fun again and i truly appreciate it bro. i highly recommend you to anyone who plays guitar at any level especially if they struggle with theory feeling boring or feeling stuck at a plateau. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Robert says:

Great lesson!

Amber57499 says:

Are you working on a paid tapping course, similar to your sweep picking course?

Michael Crabtree says:

phenomenal guitarist!

Misfit Kid says:

Can anyone tell me if you when you buy the $15 subscription if you get lessons for all the scales and chords?

Mike Skeins says:

what is your main ibanez

Mike Skeins says:

great vid thx, btw what model of ibanez is it your playing ? im kind of stuck about what ibanez model to buy.ty again


Hello sir i'm from India.
I wanna say that u r awesome teacher…
I like ur every style n lesson…
Love u

M M says:

I'm Italian but i dont understand and it's All clear
You are the best thank you forse the opportunity

Jonathan CastaƱeda says:

this is great, thanks a lot for this lesson Bernth!!!

Guitar Dev says:

Excellent as always, Bernth! Cheers from the Philippines! Take care.

Adam's Guitar Show says:

Bernth, is it always the case that the phrygian mode is the right scale to use over a minor bar chord based off the A string? If that's the case this video was super eye opening! Would love to see more videos where you show us the scale that surrounds the chord being played in other modes! Great lesson and Thank you!

Lee Swart says:

Very interesting theory lesson this Bernth….. I have been watching quite a few of your lessons on here….. I am age 40 now, was playing rock since age 18…..sadly though… I play covers well……and even though I know more theory than most novis guitar players……improvising seems to remain the thing that I am the worst at in the entire universe…..which is troubling, cause say a dream came true and one of my own personal guitar heroes invited me to jam with him onstage, I would have to either refuse, or ask him to play a song I know, and just play to him what I copied from him, which of course shows no actual musical creativity or individuality from my side…….. All the big names in guitar no matter which style of music they play…..all have the ability to improvise….. yet I cannot believe they picked up a guitar for the first time and improvised……so they must have had a system or way of practicing to develop it, and improve it……..when I try improvise say in an Eminor progression….even though I know the Eminor scale and others……I will often start well….but hit creator's block or something after a few seconds, so I will then just put in cliche licks or runs to fill the parts where I could not think of something to play……so all the notes will fit and be on key….. but the solo sounds……cliche……..and ineffective
….and of course doing a long improvised solo is a no no…..cause I end up running out of cliche licks and runs…..and start repeating the same ones I did before…….. Is improvising basically a…….gift?

boris nachev says:

Good job man, i wanna thank you for these lessons they really help me with my playing


all of these info in 8 minutes, straight to the point, no bullshit, i love it

eugenio sanchez says:

Simple yet very profound, really believe in this outlook thanks for sharing

ajie infamy says:

As always the best lesson i can get from you sir …

Harpreet Sohal says:

Awesome as always!!!
Love from India..

Souhardya Choudhury says:

Can you do a lesson on diminished arpeggios over minor scales?

hottamanful says:

Always something interesting in this amazing channel .
Thank you ..

Aaron Hex says:

Can you show us how to combine arpeggios played with sweep picking and arpeggios played with string skipped tapping? Loved the video.

Tanja Perathoner says:

Amazing as always! Greats from Italy

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