The Smash Bros Music Theory – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

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Billybo10K says:

Quick note regarding the composers guys:

Been getting a few comments stating that the segment isn't valid because composers known for working on one series had a track on the site of a series that they don't normally work on.

I'd like to bring up this interview with Sakurai about Ultimate's Music process –

"Each composer had their own personality: there were those that were able to immediately suggest a lot of songs at once, those that went home and thought on it, and even those that suggested their favorites from their respective series!"

In the end, the composers all chose what tracks they were to work on. If they're not working on a series they're known for, that's their call. The composers are all very different and I think this statement really does prove that the composers kinda did whatever the heck they wanted.

Also worth noting that some of these composers have been with Smash since Brawl (Including Motoi Sakuraba) and have already composed and remixed countless tracks related to their franchise so why would they do so again? Some composers will pick a franchise they're less used to for a creative challenge and so far, it's all working pretty dang well.

So yeah, Motoi Sakuraba could totally be remixing Golden Sun themes, or Tales themes, or themes from game series he's worked on, or like in the August Direct, we've seen him work on Metroid themes. Whatever the case, there's no proof for or against, it's just speculation based on the composer's past work.

G 92 says:

Can't wait to hear Motoi Sakuraba's remix this time
I just can't stop listening to his Airship theme, Jungle level 2, Gourmet Race, Hoenn Victory Road from Brawl and VS Team Flare from Smash 4

Bagel Byte says:

As far-fetched as these theories can be, I'm for any idea that hints at Isaac being in the game.

AmazingNintendoNerd says:

Wow… so many different theories… I wonder what kind of theory will be next?

JustAYoutubePerson says:

this has too be fake, kills off Vergeben's leaked characters

Fenrir220 says:

Billybo, did you know that "Music Theory" is the general name for the study of the inner workings of musical composition?

Ken Wilder says:

I really think this theory is overthinking things. It really seems like a Half-life 3 confirmed level of a stretch.

Village Emerald says:

Lol i thought this was about music theory

Hiraishin says:

Hades infernal theme Hades for smash that's the only music I care about

Waffle Cakes says:


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