The ONE Question You’re Not Asking

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Home Studio Corner:


Michael Garcia says:

This video came at the perfect time ♥️

Kindred Music Inc says:

Thank you Joe. With your encouragement, I released my first video ever on YouTube on New Year's day.

I appreciate your positive message.

Thank you!

Jon Levy says:

Great encouragement. Well done good sir 😀

Sam Knaak says:

Joe you the man! Hope to hang soon… cheers, happy new year!

Oliver Michalowski says:

This guy is not teaching music production. He teaches LIFE in its shearest form !

Roober the Stroober says:

Beat mixing vid yet! Thank Joe.

Dennis Dillon says:

Thanks Joe. In my world we call this confirmation. I just started a songwriting course because I started asking myself better questions (like what do I really want) . I just completed (that's a foreign word to me) my first composition. Not much more professional than those books from your kids. But I wonder what Stephen King's first book writing attempts looked like. Maybe scarier than your kids' books, but I digress. Point is, I had to swallow my pride, realize I don't know what I'm doing here, and start with the basics. And I realize the habit of starting and finishing is more important at this point, than the quality. Quality should come later as I keep at it. Thanks again!

rbroach68 says:

Great insight and advice! I love teaching and I love learning, but sometimes I need a reminder to actually go do stuff. This was my reminder. Thank you!

Ralph Mickey says:

Thanks … this is just what I needed to hear. I started out the year full blast but have slowed down a bit because I kinda got lost where I was going. Thanks for the refuel.

Road Rage says:

Great advice! My 5 year old is laying on my back watching over my shoulder, and she is very interested in those books!! Youve got me inspired for 2019

Alex K says:

The best advice I got in 2019. Thanks a lot, Joe.

Michael says:

Ah thank you, that really motivated me and comforted me in the fact that we really are all in the same boat! Let's crush it with patience and consistency!


Adi Matis says:

Loved it! 🙂 Awesome! Have a wonderful 2019 and many blessings to your family! Great job!

JBarber3d says:

Yeah yeah yeah nice drawings – so anyway, what ratio do I put on my mix buss compressor to give it that major label sound

Gbob Shipps says:

Appreciate the philosophical turn lately! These kinds of thoughts tend to help steer the whole ship in a better direction. Thanks!

Monomorphismus says:

I used to work for one of the biggest online newspapers in my country and there I learned, that only videos without any real information get these clickbait titles. It's so annoying that more and more videos on YouTube follow this trend…

Fernando Refay says:

thanks for the advice Joe!!!

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