The Music Theory Behind Trap Beats

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In this video, I go over a few popular trap songs and explain the music theory behind them! I take a look at Sicko Mode by Travis Scott featuring Drake and Drip Too Hard by Lil Baby. There is a lot of good tips on melodies, chords, and rhythm. Let me know what songs you want me to look at next!

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Omar Aspacio says:

Please try hard trap genre like the artist "saymyname" please hahaha

Vincent Salamatino says:

I can tell Mike Dean played them keys just looking at the MIDI.

Elvis King says:

You are the best producer ever, u happy, energetic, u explain very good, respond to comments, hearts, you are interested in what you doing, but most importantly u boom bap

Tarık Coşkun says:

Can you make video about Scratcher?

One96 Music says:

Do it again

One96 Music says:

I neeeded this, thank you soooo much

Faysal Taibi says:

make a trap rap beat plz

Joel Björksiöö says:

Hey, I’ve been producing for a while now and want to invest in a good plugin and I’m thinking of either omnisphere or kontakt. Ant suggestions?

Retrograde Beats says:

Theory: Trap or die

Jrney Beats says:

This is the video I was looking for


fresh yo. Hit me up for affordable award winning kits

DreamChaser says:

Yessssssssir, thanks for the video. Theory always helps, even if u click the notes in fl. Better to know what u click and how to click to make it sound good, instead of making random decisions and correcting the notes over and over

Silent Cinema says:

bro thank u so much for this video it taught me alot of stuff thank you

Samu Kupiainen says:

I have a problem with fl studio while undoing my shit. I can do it once but after that it doesn't work. So i can basicly undo only latest change and i can't go further back. I have tought that this is just an fl studio thing but then on this video i saw you undoing way further back. So what i can do to undo more things than just latest.

I mean no harm says:


That Dcoop says:

I have an understanding of music theory, How do you distinguish the Notes so Accurately, can we get a process video or a live steam

Cody Holley says:

The first chord is a Cmadd9 (C,D#,G,D) not a Cm9 (C,D#,G,A#,D).

Timur Omarbaev says:

Pls, do something about jazz, it will be awesome. Салют из KZ!

DreadHead DHP Paeri says:

Good but a lil tooo fast

Dany20H1 says:

Something like Toro y moi Mirage??

Submarine Media says:

That was really awesome my dude.

Mazok21 says:

i've watched at least 200 tutorials bout making beats and not even a single one had tought me as much about music theory as this one

Shakar says:

Do Grime/Dancehall/Afro Latin. Any of those would be cool

Vaguely Uncomfortable Films says:

This was quite a bit more useful than most music theory videos that I've watched

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