The Monitoring FX Chain

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This video shows off REAPER’s Monitoring FX Chain, what it is and how to use it.

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Christopher Headcase says:

I go to view fx monitor and dock it.. but curious me i wanted to mess with it so if i increase the trim on the vulm it does increase the volume.. but you said it doesnt affect the master or any of the audio when mastering or rendering but the trim did increase and decrease the volume.. Did i mess it up somehow when turning it on?

enda reilly says:

Cool. I'll try it out.

jammer2nd says:

thanks for the info, this is a god send function and the video is being watched while I set up my reaper template in the background….Also reminded me that Yesterday I gave a client 3 rough mixes without turning off ARC …OUCH!!

Thanks Again

adam waugh says:

Where is the monitoring effects rack section?

Jonny Hotchkiss says:

no free alternatives?
no presets/templates/ setup guidance?
no explanation about signal flow and impact of employing specific monitoring fx (how / why … whaaaa?)

Came directly from the awesome 'hello world' style vid "reasynth + reasynthdr" tutorial to this, which is #1 in a yt playlist, and I have another bald spot from head scratching…

is this a follow-up video on fx monitoring options?

Punk Duck says:

I had no idea this existed! That will be very useful.  I had the hardest time trying to get my Monitoring FX Chain to dock like yours though! It docked but it filled the whole bottom tab. Selecting the tabs switched between Mixer and Monitoring FXChain.  In the end I dragged it around and got it in the right place. I think I dragged the blue square to the bottom right, rather than to the left and then it worked. Not intuitive! Anyway, none of this is your fault Jon 🙂 and I've learned about docking in the process. Can't be bad. Rock on, and thanks!!

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