The Magical Songwriting Process

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Marisa Garza says:

I'd really like to study in his university class, very well spoken!

Imagine Fifth Little Secønds Of Twenty Øne Discø! says:

This is really helpful. I recently made a song. It's about Bullying.
It's called love me.
Vers 1:

There's lots of people on the Earth 

And we're dying with every word we make.

And I fall down south 

As we're waiting for our life to end 

And start at the same time at the dead end

Then I fall up north


Then I felt chills in my Bones 

They feel like Stick and stone

In my head.

As I began to understand, why lifes heard.

Vers 2:

The bully stand there, waiting on the path

It was little busy so he stand behind the bench

And when my friend was in side

He picked on me instead.


Then I felt chills in my Bones 

They feel like Stick and stone

In my head. x2

As I began to understand, why lifes heard.


Don't be gone, don't be gone, do be gone, don't be…..


A Course:

Then I felt chills in my Bones 

They feel like Stick and stone

In my head.

Don't be gone, don't be gone, don't be gone, don't be gone.

As I began to understand, why lifes heard.

This is about Bullying and struggling with life. I take any crtisam. And I always take inspiration by Twenty One Pilots and Little Mix.

ChrisDashTV says:

Can you do this is America please?

An American Scheme says:

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson has just been explained by me. Diana Ross is Billie Jean, Michael was the Kid. The song is about Diana telling MJ she is his real mother at age 10. Come hear the truth!!!

yaz ali says:

I wrote alot alot of songs … It's just sometimes i get stuck writing about the same thing in different ways

The WAR Lord says:

I really Like Your Face

Jules says:

Hey is that a tøp picture on the left?? Haha I love twenty one pilots and thanks for the video!!

Michael Trevino says:

You alright man? Your eyes look a bit strange in this video.

Germ X Jesus says:

I recently did a project on the song "disloyal order of water buffaloes" and man wentz can write. It's a very deep song that deals with mental insecurities he had. It uses a fair amount of hyperboles to tell a sad story. You should check it out!

Laurem says yee says:

One person dared to dislike

Kdnxn Hdhdbfn says:

We got in school the task to write a song ourselves. I hope this helps us. I tried to write songs for about 6 months but now I wrote down like 70 ideas but not one is a full song yet. It’s really hard for me to come up with melodies. But I’m a little perfectionist and my idols are Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, I want to be as good as them but I realize I just do not have the talent Taylor has. She wrote a good song (Smokey black nights) when she was 11!! I’m 15 and can’t do something similar and that’s hella frustrating.

el Mike says:

awesome video

Addict With A Harpøøn says:

I REALLY wanna know what that top left picture with the Twenty One Pilots logo says

Addict With A Harpøøn says:

I can tell you're working hard to help us make good lyrics, appreciate it Cliff!

Starflight Playz Games says:

Whoa, not on schedule. I’m late cuz I wasn’t looking at my phone, but hey, I still got here. Also, thanks for putting a lesson from the course on YouTube. Now I can experience part of it (I’m not allowed to pay for it). Also, my songs so far have mostly just been small freestyles inside my head that I at least kinda like but this process would probably lead to better songs

Emo PurpleTurtle says:

You not able to edit this video or something?

Nadia Pickens says:

Hi. I love you.

TheSpeechless17 says:

writing bad songs is the new writing good songs.
Class dismissed.

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