The Importance Of Your Story

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When you’re trying hard to find an audience for your music or art it’s very important to find ways to tell your authentic story. How are you? What makes you unique?

People do business with people they Know, Trust and Like. So, the question is… How do we get people to know, trust & like us so that they will be comfortable supporting us with their hard earned income?

Answer: Tell Your Story!



You're the man

Dave Michaels says:

Hey Dezz,
I've been following and learning from you for a while now. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
I've had several careers in music from solo concert work to full blown touring rock bands, boogie bands, art bands etc. I've since switched to recording and producing. And I've reached a point where interacting with culture (on a career basis) is the least of my concerns.
What I've learned from my 67 year journey is that everything changes so why pretend otherwise…….One pearl of wisdom that haunts my days is that after a certain point, you've accomplished what you've accomplished and none of it means much except the things you remember that moved you. All humans have to assign importance to their own lives, not through the eyes of others, but to yourself.
I found that by being real and honest with myself I came across that way to some people who could hear me and see me. If I've moved even one person in my days of thrashing about, I feel honored to have done that one, small thing and it is enough…..

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