The Funnel Behind Breaking Artists | Music Marketing

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All of your music marketing techniques won’t work if you don’t know these fundamentals.

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Kro Magnum says:

I want to use my real name as an artist but it is already taken and there is a company having the same name as mine. What should I do. The company is not really popular. (About 1.5K followers on Instagram.)

Infinity Ocean says:

Great content as always. But it would be nice to have in the video description some bulletpoints with topics covered in the video. It would be very handy to look through them after watching. Also you can do some schemes/drawings about main topics – visuals usually make is easier to understand.

oli outside says:

This is actually incredibly useful information which is so rare! Thank you so much.

The Way Of Shea says:

this was useful thanks. When u are saying social ads, do you mean use your actual song as an ad? or use an ad to bring people to you music?

Untrue Sounds says:

What are support slots?

Richi Maniac says:

I can really appreciate you guys. You seem so genuine. You make it clear it's not about money and numbers but people. You aren't even trying to sell anything. That really makes me optimistic for music.

cortesnyc says:

Good stuff! Great info as always

Andrew von Zuben says:

Great video!
Especially the part about the momentum that a strong brand can offer.
You often start out your videos calm, and then get passionate further in.

Oprisa Mirco Vladimir says:

All they say is general stuff..pff lame

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