The FASTEST way to make COUNTER MELODIES (no music theory required)

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Today I put together a list of 3 easy tips that will quickly get your counter melodies to the next level, with no music theory required!

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Made with Ableton Live 10

The FASTEST way to make COUNTER MELODIES (no music theory required)


Jae Paul says:

Subbing right now. One of the best tutorials on counter melodies

ab saloj says:

What a BOSS. Fan for life here.

Francesca Evan says:

This is trippy af wtfffff

Isha says:

here for my dumbass band assignment

thx corona

Shervin Akbari says:

i love you bro


This is sickk !! Can you teach us how to do a tape stop effect ?

Adriano Babici says:

Can anyone tell me what tempo the beat is set at? I don't use ableton sorry

Julien Martinez says:

those 808s hit holy

M W says:

hey man what drum do you use?
i can't find one that sounds so good.

Paul Hidden says:

This is good 🙂

Gio Van der Vegt says:

plsss bro which bass sample which pack? <3

tywhite beats says:

How did u do ghost notes in abeleton

Geektopia says:

I'm not american or from somewhere that speak english and I have not a good level in english but, nevertheless, this video helped me so much, thanks bro, you rock! você é demais mano, já me inscrevi no canal.

DRRM says:

Beautiful soul

Ben Castor says:

Dude, just teach people to cheat with music theory, write in either a c major or a minor scale, they're both all white notes. Makes it so much easier to write without music theory knowledge because you can then just drag it to a different scale once it's been written out.

Smooth_As_ICE says: to channel can you go over ghost notes in ableton?… also just cop the push as well

Neeko B says:

Great job bro keep doing you!

Youssef Selkani says:

Bro you are a genuis ta-da da da ta ta-da ta da da ta-da

chatman1959 says:

Thanks for sharing. This was very helpful

Andrew Leon says:

Also an idea for method 2… Record yourself singing your melody and just put it on pitch and you have yourself an original sample done by you.. I got the Idea from VGN Beats.

verapamil07 says:

Good stuff, subscribed

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