The Circle of Fifths – Your Ultimate Guide – Music Theory Crash Course

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In this music theory lesson we look at the circle of fifths. It can seem complicated at first, but the circle of fifths can be a really useful tool when learning music theory. It organizes key signatures, and it can tell you what kinds of chords are in a song.

How Intervals work:

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Vaz123 says:

Circle of 11 perfect fifths and 1 diminished sixth

TRVST Industries says:

this one rockssss

daniel jack francis says:

absolutely love this video you deserve millions of views brother

Lindy Reed-Shukla says:

I'm still so confused. Is there a more basic video that goes more slowly and explains every little bit? Like for instance ~why~ does the order of flats start at F and why does the order of sharps start at B-flat? #feelingdumb lol

Rozalyn Leslie says:

Very helpful video thanks

M. Firza Akbar Panjaitan says:

Great video! Can you please in the future make one about the Requiems (Mozart, Verdi, Berlioz, Suppe, and other). Thx.

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