The Circle of Fifths Explained on Piano – Learn Music Theory 4 – Theory Lessons for Beginners

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This music theory lesson explains the circle of fifths and how it applies to playing the piano. Key signatures tell you how many sharps or flats are in a song. There are 11 major key signatures in total. From no sharps to seven sharps, these include the key of c major, key of g major, key of d major, key of a major, key of e major, key of b major, key of f sharp major, and the key of c sharp major. The flat key signatures from one flat to seven include the key of f major, key of B flat major, key of E flat major, key of A flat major, key of D flat major, Key of G flat major, and the key of C flat major. Keep in mind that learning the circle of fifths is essential in understanding music theory as it will help you become familiar with the major and minor keys. Learning to understand this circle can be very confusing at first, but keep studying it and trying to commit it to memory. Once you learn the circle of fifths, it will be like riding a bike and only require a little bit of practice to become familiar with it again.
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rickard angeles says:


Dean R says:

there is a easy way to remember the order of sharps BEAD Greatest Common Factor backwards. You would have to work your way backwards, but it's not that difficult.

Adria Taylor says:

that sure explains it, why the sharps are there and what they mean. looking at a sheet of music, whether in my lesson books or a song book, I've always wondered what those sharps mean and why they're written where they're written.

Feik Neyme says:

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Georgi Kocharyan says:

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Nice video, btw! Thanks a lot!

Nappy Bunny says:

I learned a much easier way to tell the key of the song by the key signature when I was in school.

For sharps: look at the note a half step up. There's your key. Example : For the key of A, the last of the 3 #s in key signature is G#, 1/2 step up from that is A.

For flats: the next to last flat in the key signature is your key.

Linda Basham says:

Thanks I finally understand this!

thetruth says:

I think you should explain this as I was from Mars it might be more helpful

Aaron Barclay says:

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Producers BeatParty says:

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Nour Banna says:

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Dan Mc says:

The way to remember the order of sharps is the first letter of the following saying:  Fat crabs go down and eat bugs.

Reynaldo Avila says:

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