The #1 Rule for #Plugins

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Ronald Irawan says:

First year rookie mistake, its common

Keith Giordano says:

This is the best I’ve ever seen this explained

Club Soda says:

I wish he was my dad

Scott Spaulding says:

I knew by the title it was level matching. Its a rookie mistake we all made at first. Great tip one not driving home for beginners enough.

Julien OBER says:

Hornet produces great plugins to fix this issue

Diatonic Fusion Label says:

level match in audio sound engineering is called gain compensation !rule one! gain staging and balance and rebalance may be important as well! regarding compression upon which type you try to using i mean for what purpose in the mix better-using auto gain makeup gain or "gain compensation " other vst or gear had like a: intelligence " gain compensation determined by frequencies

Syklone says:

I rarely start with the mix bus first. I usually just use it as an overall volume fader with maybe a bit of compression, but only after I've treated the individual parts first. That's what I thought was wrong, but yeah, the volume matching is really important as well.

Autodidactic Professor says:

I also never ever EQ things in solo. In fact, I rarely solo anything anymore.

Ja Sma says:

This actually helps allot with A/B ing plugins. Good tip.

Arthur D Duda says:

Very cool and helpful

Nicks Corsair S1 Tips says:

TBPROAUDIO's AB_LM plugin is fantastic for this very problem, stick 1 as the first insert and 1 as the last insert and hey presto it works its magic and ensures your volumes don't go up just because you altered a plugin

Valencia Song & Score says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

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