Tech Tip: How to set your Pro Tools Playback Engine

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In this edition of Sweetwater Tech Guides, one of the gurus from our award-winning Tech Support department will show you how to set the playback engine in Pro Tools. Setting the playback engine allows Pro Tools to communicate with your audio interface so that sound can be routed to and from Pro Tools.


Leo Taliente says:

So im having a problem where i can only hear things only from the left side please help me!!

Sg3 says:

This is not whay pops up

James Cassidy says:

What is pro tools aggregate i/o?

Greg krutsinger says:

I donโ€™t see my Digi 002 in the bar.

debunker300 says:

I go into the Playback Engine settings and want to select "Headphones" as my output device instead of the currently-selected speakers….I select "Headphones", then click the "close" button and Pro Tools crashes. Just immediately shuts down. Re-launch Pro Tools First and now when I select "Playback Engine", the entire app shuts down. Frustrated, I uninstall and reinstalled the entire application, and….same thing happens again. This is a laptop less than a year old with 32GB RAM, i7 processor, etc. Anyone have any idea why Pro Tools keeps crashing? I haven't been able to record a single note ๐Ÿ™

MaaursMusicOfficial says:

I have an issue. I try record just fine but when I playback the track I can't hear a thing

repentandfaith says:

Problem I am having is my playback is fast. When I arm and record on a new track, the previous track mentioned is played back at normal speed while I am recording. I've updated softwares, I've checked my session setup. I checked the interface (Scarlett 1820) to see if it had a way on the device to match the sample rate in session, but it doesn't have that capability. Anyways, if anyone can help, i'd appreciate. Thanks

luuk groot says:

Select interface is not a clickable thing with my protools

Daviiid says:

doesnt let me open a session just closes the software

abu kamara says:

install ASIO4all

Fresco Filmz says:

my buffer size is no lower than 1024 which is my problem

mickmon says:

Can you set a preferred default playback engine that it will always go to?

Cris Garcia 6 says:

I wanted to use the built in audio driver, but It gets the message like use another hardware or something. it is frustrating.

MatthewKupid says:

Perfect – this fixed my issue. Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop, Windows 8.1 latest updates and Protools 2018.3.0. Was getting very loud white noise when starting protools and could not get transport to start. Thanks. Duane

Paul Suquet says:

I can't open a session, as I am greeted with "The selected audio device could not be initialized. Please choose a different audio device." My options are "OK" or "Quit". If I hit "OK", the message closes, and reopens. Awesome.

Jae says:

you're awesome thanks man!

rob lo says:

thank u sir that worked perfectly

Whole lot of Game Stuff says:

I need a little help if you can. I changed my Playback engine to Avid Mbox (instead of Pro Tools Aggregate I/O so I could record on my Mbox). Tried opening Pro Tools this morning and it won't let me. Is there anyway to change or fix my error? I tried uninstalling & reinstalling Pro Tools and it still will not let me open it just says "Pro Tools could not initialize the current playback device. Please make sure that the device has been configured correctly." I'm operating on Mac OS X.6 if that makes a difference

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