Pro Tools Basics: Loop Playback, Loop Playback NOT Working? Ever trying to use loop playback and notice that it’s not working? In this video, we talk all about using loop playback, including why it sometimes doesn’t work (it’s a common question I get from my students!). Hope you like it! *** Patreon *** *** Ear Training For Audio Engineers *** Sound Gym: *** Video Edited By *** Shaded Films: *** Shop Cato’s Favorite Stuff *** *** What’s in My Studio *** *** Want More Audio Videos? *** Check out Pro Studio Live [More]
in this video i show how to make your chord progressions more interesting. hope this helps Purchase my sound kits 🌊 : Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat ✅ @kbeazythegod For any serious inquiries email me 📩:
With the introduction of the Avid Video Engine from Pro Tools 11 onwards, knowing how to take the most out of video performance, such as converting it to the Avid DNxHD format, will be of benefit to you. While touching on some additional information, that’s what this video is about. Closed Captions and Brazilian Portuguese are available.
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CUBASE 30th Anniversary | Why I love working with CUBASE #cubase #steinberg #cubase10 Just want to share with you my experience using Cubase and why I’ve been working with CUBASE for the past 16 years. Music in the video by inKontrast which is my instrumental music project. The single will release later this month. ►► Get FULL CONTROL over CUBASE with THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CUBASE ►► Get access to the MIXDOWN ZONE for FREE and get your FREE MIX TEMPLATE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: ►►Distrokid: Get Your Music [More]
Cubase 10 has changed where it puts the color tool. In this tutorial video, I will show you how to find and and give you some tips and tricks about some other stuff in Cubase that has to do with colors.
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