The chord composition feature in Cubase makes it straightforward to compose without playing an instrument or needing to know music theory. The chord feature lets you compose a movie music-style soundscape for creating atmosphere – for example evoking drama and romance – with a very straightforward music production workflow. In this sample composition, three tracks are created and notes are made to form chords with the pencil writing in the key editor. In music composition, each chord has its own color and texture and a dropdown menu lets you easily create different types of chord. Creating a chord track then [More]
💖 melodysauce melodysauce melodysauce melodysauce melodysauce lol : 🔻🔻 More Info 🔻🔻 me talking about writing melodies that I don’t even understand anything about it lol, enjoy the vid. cheers 🍺 🎁 Serum Presets ( Porter Robinson – Get Your Wish ) : 🎁 SAVE SEA – Virtual Riot & Eliminate Inspired Serum Preset Pack + Ableton Project File : ✔️ Live making music: ✔️ Miruku Serum presets + serum skin (free): ✔️ help me reach 100k subs: ====================================================== 💖 BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY PATRONS aidan conley AKY banvox Clarence Lai GreenMoonMusic . [More]
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Free chord progressions by Killigrew: Piano scales: Download/buy songs: FOR USAGE: Everyone is free to use and monetize my music on Youtube and Twitch as long as credits are given. See my example below and link to my channel. To request a commercial license please send me an e-mail. You can buy my complete discography (12 albums for the price of 3) on my Bandcamp or follow the Dropbox link for a free download. However, Bandcamp offers the highest quality and supports me as an artist. Music is my full-time job and my passion, but if everyone [More]
►► Get my personal Home Studio Gear Buying Recommendations to fit any budget → Does a microphone that costs 10X more sound 10X better? Does it even sound much different than its cheaper counterpart? And if it does…can plugins make up the difference? That’s what I set out to do in today’s video as I do a shoot out between a $60 Behringer microphone and a $700 Neumann. In this breakdown, you’ll see and hear the raw vocal takes from each, but even more interesting than that you’ll see how we can use plugins to make the mics sound [More]
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Ray Harmony and the Hack Music Theory revolution are put to the ultimate test in this Halloween Special. Is it possible to make great music that’s not in any scale or mode? Spoiler alert: Yes! Lesson starts at 7:42. ►Free Book: ►Free Download/Stream of “They Live to Kill”: ►Stream “They Live to Kill” on Spotify: If Ray fails his challenge, this will be the last ever episode on this YouTube channel. In under five minutes, he needs to write a riff, but he cannot use any scales or any modes. Ray decides to use one of his [More]
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