As a composer who also teaches music theory, I have been long dissatisfied with many of Western music theory’s pedagogical approaches, not to mention it’s overarching singularity. This is why I have been working towards a different approach in my teaching and I took some time as part of a livestream to unpack and address the explosion in the world of music theory to Dr. Philip Ewell, prompted by Adam Neely’s video.
Music theorist is kinda racist. Debate me, Ben Shapiro’s MUSIC THEORIST father who went to music school. Support this channel: Thanks to Phil Ewell and his paper: SOURCES 0:00 Introduction 2:53 Part I – The White Racial Frame of Music Theory 8:28 Part iim – North Indian Theory and Perspectives 16:52 Part IIIm7b5 – Alternative Perspectives to Western Theory 22:04 Part IVmaj7 – Music isn’t a Universal 28:24 Part V7(b9,#9,b13) – Heinrich Schenker 36:16 Part vim – Responses to Phil Ewell 40:19 Part viio – Coda (⌐■_■) ⦿ Adam Neely T-shirts! ⦿ ⦿ SUPPORT ME ON [More]
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In today’s episode we sit down with Engineer/Mixer Stuart White. Stuart talks about how he overcame the shock factor of working with highly successful recording artists, shares tips on how working with Beyoncé made him speed up his workflow, and breaks down the different plugins and effects he used for on Beyoncé’s, “Lemonade”. You’re at the place! Enter the Blackbird Foundation Series Sweepstakes: Subscribe to our channel:… Please ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’: Get your copy of The Pensado Papers: Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License
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A quick tutorial on on how to make white noise sweeps (in Logic Pro X). Great for building intensity before a drop, and many other things.
merlin mixing down “the funkin white boy” from our upcomming album in theory “hypothesis”
Hey everyone Back with a quick and easy tutorial that will help liven up any build you need done. Just a simple White Noise tutorial using the ES2 and Sylenth1 Synthesizers. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know. Thanks, hit the subscribe button if you enjoyed or found it somewhat useful.