In this video we take a look at the Pro Tools Disk Allocation window and discuss reasons why imported files may not end up in the session’s main audio files folder and the best ways of managing disk allocation and file locations. We also discuss the ‘Automatically copy files on import’ option. Gaining an understanding of the settings discussed in this video will help to prevent missing file issues when moving sessions between systems in the future.
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Basic Music Theory for Beginners covered under 15 minutes! What’s up Producers! In this video I have covered Essential Music Theory Every Producer Should Know. It is a Beginner’s Guide to Basic as well as Intermediate Music Theory to help you get started with! You might be having a few questions, which I am going to answer in this video. What is Music Theory and why do we need it? Music theory is a study that allows us to understand the language of music. It is a set of guidelines and practices used to recognize the different ways to express [More]
This video is suitable for: – Beginners – those who have no experience of the treble clef and wish to be able to identify notes. – Those who wish to refresh their knowledge of the treble clef. The video provides a clear description of notes names including the use of ledger lines for notes above and below the stave.
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This video is designed for those who are studying for Grade 3 ABRSM Music Theory exams. However, it will also be useful to those looking to revise the basics of intervals particularly in relation to calculating the name and number of an interval (at Grades 1 & 2 only the number is required). It is important that viewers are fully familiar with calculating key signatures of up to 4 sharps and flats as well as being competent in calculating interval numbers before watching this video.
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Using drag and drop in Cubase can really speed up your workflow. In this video, Greg Ondo looks at the drag and drop functionality in Cubase, showing how you can drag and drop MIDI and audio files directly into your project. When dragging MIDI files into a project you can choose whether to send them to instrument tracks, MIDI tracks or the default HALion Sonic SE in Cubase preferences. Chord track information, video files, loops, VST instruments, effects plug-ins and more can also be used with the drag and drop functionality in Cubase. We hope you find this video entertaining [More]
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