In this video I talk about the difference between a traffic campaign vs conversion campaigns in Facebook ads for marketing your music on Spotify. STOP USING LINK CLICK CAMPAIGNS! I’ve seen too many people, myself including, waste money on link click campaigns because they are too susceptible to bots and accidental clickers. You might get 100 link clicks, but then only see 5 streams on Spotify – with conversion campaigns i’ll often have 95/100 conversions result in actual streams. NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY! Click here to subscribe: ►► Get exclusive content via my Patreon: Join My [More]
Investing money in to getting people to stream your music but not sure where to send them? We cover the most effective platforms for directing your traffic and how to decide which is right for you. Between the options of YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music, your Instagram profile or just simply keeping them on the social media platform it can be a tough choice. It primarily comes down to thee assets you have available to you and how to utilise them to convert them in to fans, if you have strong visual content it would make the most sense to [More]