The Nudge Function in Pro Tools In this video, we cover some of the nerdy details on using the nudge function in Pro Tools! *** Patreon *** *** Ear Training For Audio Engineers *** Sound Gym: *** Shop Cato’s Favorite Gear *** *** What’s in My Studio *** Eleven Rack: Great River MP 2NV Preamp: Shure SM7 Microphone: Furman Power Conditioner: Pro Tools: Keyboard Shortcut Stickers: Silicone Keyboard Cover for Macbook (with Pro Tools Shortcuts): Mackie MR8 Studio Monitors: Adobe Creative Suite (for video editing and production): Sony [More]
Help support the channel by shopping for templates and more at Shop the gear I use and more at Sweetwater The Edit Tools in Pro Tools allow you to make precise adjustments to audio, midi and automation data. In this video, I discuss all the Edit Tools , including the Smart Tool. *********************************************** LETS CONNECT! Follow me on InstaGram Like my Facebook Page email me: ******************************************** Thanks for watching The Wavy Way Tip of The Day! Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe! #WavyWayne
Any track in Pro Tools can be set to either Tick or Sample based timing. In this video I demonstrate the key differences between the two and when and why you might choose to set tracks to either tick based or sample based. Usually, MIDI and instrument tracks default to ticks and audio tracks default to samples. Tick based tracks conform to the session tempo, with content on those tracks maintaining a fixed bar and beat position, taking session tempo changes into account. Sample based content maintains a fixed sample position in relation to the session start. I discuss how [More]
You make the music, I’ll do the mixing. Recording a song in Pro Tools should be a fun experience. If you know your DAW well, you can be more creative and free up brain power for critical recording and mixing tasks instead of thinking of technical procedures so much. If you have a home studio setup where you record yourself, or if you are working with clients, this video will give you insight into how to run a recording session as a professional. I am using Pro Tools in addition to my UAD Apollo X6 interface and the Console [More]
Descarga Pro Tools HD 12 Full (64/32bits) y Gratis! Uno de los programas mas recomendados para edicion y grabacion de audio 2020. LINK 👉🏻 Solucion al ERROR AAE 6117 👉🏻 Mi instagram 📱 Cuando le dan a saltar publicidad y les aparece el fondo azul con “Pulsa «Allow» para continuar” solo tienen que esperar unos segundos ahí. A algunos les tira un error en windows que los lleva a formatear la pc. Ustedes instalan el programa bajo su responsabilidad. SERIAL: 1021321051080000000 ___________ #Descarga #ProTools #Full
Aprende cómo usar Pro tools en español con este tutorial. Te muestro las herramientas básicas que necesitas manejar para llevar adelante una sesión exitosa en este D.A.W o secuenciador. Pro tools es un D.A.W muy potente, estandard de la industria musical, pero que tiene una curva de aprendizaje que a veces dificulta el poder sacarle el provecho máximo. En este video te introduzco a Pro tools para que aprendas a emplear las herramientas esenciales dentro de este secuenciador. Verás como usar la ventana de edición, las herramientas de: selección, trim y movimiento de regiones, la forma de hacer fundidos de [More]
You make the music, I’ll do the mixing. How to Record a Song In Pro Tools | Rough Mixing Dealing with a Difficult Client Come join me for a full recording session as I record a new hook with Lydia Caesar. We have some fun recording her vocals in Pro Tools and I do a rough mix at the end. Lydia gets a bit annoying with her mix requests but we made it work. I even give you a look at this cool double compression technique I have been using to create HUGE vocal sounds. Lydia sells beats with [More]
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Pro Tools Basics: How to Change the Key, Meter, Tempo In this video, we talk about changing the key, meter, and tempo in Pro Tools. Hope you like it! *** Patreon *** *** Ear Training For Audio Engineers *** Sound Gym: *** Shop Cato’s Favorite Stuff *** *** What’s in My Studio *** *** Want More Audio Videos? *** Check out Pro Studio Live – learn from successful (often multi-Grammy winning) engineers! Pro Studio Live’s Youtube: *** Find Cato Online *** Snapchat = @catonoise *** Disclaimer *** Hi [More]
Pro Tools Basics: Loop Playback, Loop Playback NOT Working? Ever trying to use loop playback and notice that it’s not working? In this video, we talk all about using loop playback, including why it sometimes doesn’t work (it’s a common question I get from my students!). Hope you like it! *** Patreon *** *** Ear Training For Audio Engineers *** Sound Gym: *** Video Edited By *** Shaded Films: *** Shop Cato’s Favorite Stuff *** *** What’s in My Studio *** *** Want More Audio Videos? *** Check out Pro Studio Live [More]