Speed up editing and mixing with Clip Gain, and easily adjust and match gain levels, pre-mixer . Introducing Pro Tools 10, the next generation of the best sounding, most powerful audio production software for recording, composing, editing, and mixing music and sound for picture. http://www.avid.com/US/products/family/Pro-Tools?cmpid=70140000000TeXs
Pro Tools Tutorials – Recording Acoustic Guitar with Pro Tools . LoopTV presents the ‘Frontline Producer Series’ Pro Tools tutorials. Part 2 sees music producer Laurence Traverso offer acoustic guitar recording tips and tricks.
Making music has never been easier. With numerous MIDI improvements and enhancements, you can fix and finesse every note to perfection—from transposing and trimming notes with the arrow keys, to building chords and scores faster than ever before. Now available in Pro Tools 2018: http://www.avid.com/pro-tools/whats-new
Using effects like delay and reverb in certain sections of a record can can really bring life to your mixes. In this tutorial I give a simple process to using Pro Tools automation on effect sends. LISTEN TO THE FINAL MIX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4gwPSIDa2U *********************************************** LETS CONNECT! Follow me on InstaGram https://www.instagram.com/wayne.wav/ Like my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/wavvywayne/ email me: waynea.wav@gmail.com ******************************************** Thanks for watching The Wavy Way Tip of The Day! Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe!
This tutorial explains how to use the de-esser in Pro Tools. http://www.recordingconnection.com
A basic look at creating surround outputs and busses in Pro Tools in preparation to mix a music session in surround. This video was created for the students in my MUS81J – Surround Sound Production class at Foothill College.
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In this video tutorial I show how to setup a mastering session in Pro Tools 11 utilizing Waves plugins from their Gold Bundle. I cover how to “Bounce to Disk” as well as how to setup a Print Track for file export. Please consider making a donation to my Paypal account to allow me to keep making more content on this YouTube channel – thanks! Paypal: bbuck822@gmail.com
Download the session and audio files here! – http://bit.ly/2Mu7VXn Programming drums is a really useful skill for every producer, but it can seem daunting at first. Check out this lesson on Drum Programming for beginners, then download the free audio and MIDI files and try it yourself! Here’s the link to the FREE Kontakt 5 Sampler library that we used today: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/samplers/kontakt-5-player/free-download/