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#cubase #cubasetips #mixdownonline 9 Quick CUBASE TIPS and TRICKS that you need to know 1. How to Open the Option Dialog Box when processing a shared audio event 0:42 2. How to Rename an Audio Event 2:53 3. How to “Ripple Delete” like in Adobe Premiere 5:17 4. How to loop a range selection very fast 8:01 5. How to create your own custom VST Instrument list 9:15 6. How to change the Maximum Level of a Channel Fader 11:57 7. How to micro move a channel Fader 13:05 8. Change the Channel Color from the Track List 14:24 9. [More]
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Vocal Melody Hack – Songwriting Process // Songwriting Tips in this video I’m going over an exercise that you can try out if you struggle with coming up with songs that you stay on topic with. A lot of people struggle with writing full songs because they don’t know exactly what to write about. I’m giving you an exercise that can help your writing process out and make your songs stay on topic. Step 1 – choose a word or phrase Step 2 – write a concept/ idea for overall song meaning Step 3 – write out what you want [More]
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Vocal Melody Hack – Songwriting Tips // How To Write Better Songs in this video I’m going over a few things that might help you to start improving your songwriting skills. Often people use the same words and phrases over and over and it’s keeping their songwriting skills from growing. In this video I’m just trying to make you think differently about how you write your next song. LET’S HIT 25K Subscribers – Subscribe Here: DistroKid – For 7% Off DistroKid: Business email: MY MIXING PRICES:!8YU1FKxZ!xxyPUiKb_72kcqRbQNJixu_FHVZEo14vhTkM7XEYYDk Mix Reels (songs I’ve mixed or recorded) DAW’s [More]
Vocal doubles can be the corner stone of any great hook. A lot fo time people act as if they are less important. Well I am here to tell you why they aren’t and give you a couple quick tips for how to make sure you get the right takes and how to treat them afterwards! Find out more about AMAC @amaculent
Vernon Reid Songwriting Tips Interview from Urbana, Illinois, 2005, from the john lennon bus
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