The FIRST Three Things Every Indie Artist Must Do to ensure a successful music career. Learn how to turn strangers into superfans with our free Fan Journey Training at Subscribe for more videos! – Blog – Merchandise – ***************************************************** Many people believe the only path to success in the music industry is through a record label, radio station, or even a reality talent show on TV. The truth is, in order to be successful in music, all you need to do is grow your fanbase. But before you can start marketing your music online, there are [More]
Music marketing can be overwhelming sometimes if you’re a trying to get people to listen to your music, you’re trying to sell your music online, or you just want to build an audience. There’s so many marketing tactics to do under the umbrella of music marketing but it feels like there is never enough time. What should you focus on within marketing? How do you executive it? Has anyone taught you this before? I try to lay it out simply in order to shed some light at the end of the tunnel for you. Please let me know if you’d [More]
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Welcome to today’s video! We’re going to look at the famous jazz standard “Beyond the Sea” and break down three things that I find really cool about the song. I hope you enjoy and thank you for watching! Here’s a link to some topics referenced in the video: Secondary Dominants: Changing Keys:
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